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Selena Gomez - Rare

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. RJF


    Is it really that surprising that her A&R bounced? I realise she had ups and downs in the time period, but let's be honest, she's had several opportunities to chuck out an album over the last five years and was too busy posting on Instagram, joining cults, or working the copy machine at that human trafficking scam charity to do anything about it. Whatever her priorities are don't involve music, and if you're working at a label and tasked with getting hits-for-hire off songwriters, you're going to prioritise the people who are probably going to release songs instead of hold them captive. Like, no one's telling me that Justin and Julia are saving their best stuff for her at this point. And if they did... well.
  2. These new vocals... wow. She's never sounded so bad, Selena the Robot teas.
  3. These songs really don’t add an ounce of energy to this release, do they?
  4. I actually think she sounds somewhat alive on Souvenir, but going from no pulse to a low pulse isn’t exactly clearing a high bar
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  5. Well there was also the kidney transplant and trips to rehab so she had personal shit going on too.

    She keeps talking about how she had to "find her sound" but "her sound" being minimalist, talky, lifeless, Julia Michaels leftovers is really disappointing. Her Hollywood Records days did not produce a ton of great material but she at least sounded like she was having fun. She distances herself from Come & Get It in every interview now but vocally she sounds more invested in that song than she does in any of her material from the past 3 years. On top of all that there's just her defeatist attitude. Like that bad AMA's performance where she just shrugged afterword like "sorry I suck, but what can I do?" Well you could... try?

    During her run of Good For You, Same Old Love, and Hands to Myself it really seemed like she was destined to head into Big Pop Girl territory. Not because Revival was amazing - its mostly just ok with a few big highlights - but because the stars were aligning in every way. She's still a successful pop star, obviously - she just had a #1. But it very much feels to me now that she will always be a celebrity first and foremost. Even Lose You To Love Me's success hinged so much on her celebrity profile. I think the window to have her name next to truly major pop stars has closed.
  6. Wasn't her A&R Aaron Bay-Schuck? He bounced during her hiatus which explains why all of her songs after have been shit.
  7. Boyfriend sounds like a track RCA would've forced Tinashe to record in 2015. The main difference being Ms Nashe would've injected some life into it.
  8. RMK


    She is the reason why it's all like this. I can't imagine Interscope at all thinking these are sure-fire smashes. I don't even think they wanted the title track as the next single, that's simply just her favorite song.
  9. Actually now that you mention it, Souvenir also sounds like something Dua would've recorded for the first album, and it would've sounded amazing with her voice on it
  10. People should not have expected much anything from these songs. I mean, these were songs that Selena herself didn’t deem worthy of the album, right? All 4 songs (Feel Me included) are rubbish and should have stayed in the bin!

    There are a handful of decent-to-good songs on the main album that have grown on me after repeated plays - they, along with the pre-release singles actually make a decent album that’s worth having.
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  11. I might have a listen but I rather listen Future Nostalgia again.
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  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    She's one artist who should just release some nice dance tunes and maybe some glittery midtempos. Revival was a good balance of that and showed promise. Nowadays she just sounds like she's struggling to find a note, a melody, and any kind of conviction within the songs she sings.
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  13. RMK


    Not necessarily. She just recorded them after turning in the album.
  14. Souvenir is actually really nice.
  15. Feels like any other UK pop artist repack from 2010-2012, don't really mind it. I quite like the new tracks! The album has stuck with me quite a lot since it came out, more than I thought it would. Let Me Get Me is sooooo nice.
  16. Its the one that sticks out to me, the soft whispering and a bit of attempted husky singing in some parts actually makes for a very delicate and sexy sounding track. Imagine someone like britney on that beat.
  17. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    I absolutely love Boyfriend ddd, I hear a bassy electropop song with no melody at all and I just lose my mind
  18. I honestly hate that you even said this because...well now I want it.
  19. I’m hopping to this Faded lite cat.
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