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Selena Gomez - Rare

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Jun 24, 2016.

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    "Kill 'Em With Kindness" was one of the dumbest single choices in recent years, but I also don't think it was this big bad song that derailed a strong singles run because "Same Old Love" is hot garbage. Yes, it did well for her so I guess it was a good choice to release as a single, but that doesn't excuse the fact that it's a terrible song.

    Now if "Sober" and "Me & the Rhythm" were released instead of those two, it'd be a singles run worthy of praise. But otherwise "Good for You" and "Hands to Myself" were the only correct picks.
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  2. I love Kill Em With Kindness, but I'd rather have had Sober as the fourth single and Kill Em as the cancelled fifth one. Sober would have felt like more of a moment.
  3. Island

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    Kinda surprised she didn’t push for Sober.

    Nobody should have made the standard over Camouflage.
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  4. Sober was indeed the one from Revival.
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  5. This discussion had me playing Me & the Rhythm yesterday and comparing those vocals to the ones on Rare are wild. She used to work within her limitations and now it seems like she isn’t trying.

    I still enjoy the album though oop
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  6. Good For You
    Hands to Myself
    Same Old Love

    should have been the singles off Revival. Same Old Love is not a favorite but it was a hit, so it gets to stay.
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  7. Sober stanning? Don’t mind if I do!

    You've got a hold on me
    You're like a wasted dream
    I gave you everything
    But you don't know how to love me when you're sober


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  8. "Sober" and "Survivors" were the runaway singles, and well, we got what we got. "Perfect" would have made a decent single too.
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  9. RMK


    They cut the idea of Sober as a fifth single so they could focus on her next album by fall of 2016. In the end, her health got in the way.

    Also, if we are theorizing, I'm sure she loved the standard cover. While I personally love the imagery and direction, this also fits the album quite well.

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  10. One of her best songs. So delicate. I love her "falsetto" register.
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  11. I thought she was sweet in this.
    Nikki asked her if there was advice she'd want to give to Blackpink and she said "I actually feel like I could learn more from them" and talked about their work ethic and all that.
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  13. I still don’t have anything nice to say about the album so I won’t even bother, but I’m actually really intrigued by Rare Beauty. I’m sold on a few of the products and while I’ve never fully bought into her as a person, she seems like such a sweetheart in all of the makeup videos she’s been doing. I was fully prepared to roll my eyes at another celebrity line but she has my attention and I’m here for it.

    On the topic of music, Sober is the best song on Revival and the fact that it wasn’t a single is criminal. I relate and empathize with her health struggles but they still could’ve picked it as a single over Kill Em With Kindness.

    It’s just wild to me how much I actually enjoyed and played Revival back when it came out and then comparing it to Rare, which I’ve played through once and have no desire to return to. I find her listenable when she works within her limits and actually puts in the slightest bit of effort. I don’t feel like she tried at all with this album. There’s just literally no connection there for me.
  14. Demi Lovato and Jessie J every time they released a new album
  15. Selena's had an extremely likable personality for quite some time so the hate she gets here always puzzled me a bit.

    On Rare vs Revival, Rare feels more like she got a bit too much in her comfort zone. Sober, which is notably one of her best tracks and gets a lot of praise here, shouldn't really work for her on paper. Vocally, it looks like a bit of a stretch. But she made a bet with it and it paid off.

    Someone already mentioned the strong outro of the song on this page, but I think it's underrated how she sings, "When the bottle's done, you pull me closer." I'm no Selena stan, but reader, I felt that. Vocal inflections like that make such a difference.
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  16. No one here says she an awful person and that she has no likable qualities. Thats not what anyones qualms with her as a pop star are about.
  17. I suppose more of expectations-wise, she's always been more in the "serviceable bop"-maker territory for me. Mostly inoffensive, a gem here and there, that I never felt really merit strong reactions. If anything, the hate she gets + a relatively nice personality is probably what fuels her fanbase to root for the underdog in that respect.
  18. Her Song Exploder episode for Lose You to Love Me with Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter:

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