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Selena Gomez - Rare

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. The following demos have recently leaked:
    Love's Not Over ft. Cody Simpson
    My Great Escape
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  2. My Great Escape was released by Argentine pop star TINI a few years ago:

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  3. has someone covered this in English? like Marc Anthony?
  4. Cody Simpson? Was this a & The Scene demo?
  5. Well Debelah’s English version is the famous one:
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  6. Apparently her versions of Let Me Love You and This Is Real are on the verge of leaking as well.
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  7. We need more bops like this, Miss Selca.
  8. Hmm thanks... i will loom into this when i have time :)
  9. Really sitting down with this album (finally) and it’s... actually pretty good?
  10. I have always enjoyed it, it's well produced and Selena sounds OK on it. My only gripe is if she emoted more on the tracks, they would be even better.
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  11. I've recently really came around to this album. I really like the atmosphere it creates, it's very "chill" but still interesting enough to stop it being a drag. It's a nice breezy little record to play on a nice sunny afternoon too relax too. Crowded Room, Fun and Vulnerable are my favourites.
  12. The album needed more upbeat moments and more animated vocal delivery. I agree it has some really good highlights, though.
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  13. I always go back to this album. It’s breezy pop lite. Can’t believe I dragged it and here we are still listening... ALAKSSMMFFF
  14. I’m still pressed about what they did to “Feel Me” though.
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  15. Is Boyfriend widely considered a work of art, a masterpiece, a career high? Because if not you are all wrong.

    Don’t know what gets me about it - definitely not the vocal take - but overall it’s such a monster bop.
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  16. I would call it a subtle bop. The production makes the song.
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  17. It does. It’s just immaculate. I am stuck on this song for days now.
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