Selena Gomez & The Scene - When The Sun Goes Down

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Trash Humpers was ridiculous. Gummo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I can't believe we're talking about Harmony Korine in a Selena Gomez thread. Amazing.

As for the new movie, apparently Emma Roberts is no longer part of the cast due to 'creative differences'.
Gummo will always be more amazing.

But I liked Trash Humpers because it fucking creeped me out and I can never feel safe anymore when I hear the '3 Little Devils' - song.

And the ending of Trash Humpers was soooooo good.


Yeah...creative differences....this movie will be good.
I have no doubt that this isn't going to be 'cookie cutter'.

The issue for me is, Selena alienating her fans in doing so and not cracking the market, as in, are fans of Korine's previous work really going to appreciate 2 Disney actresses? Both of whom have already received a fair bit of criticising for their acting...
It will take a miracle to pull it off.

I predict a lot of negativity around the casting when things are more in motion.

Just look at all the poor reception Taylor Swift and Les Mis have received...
I don't think it's comparable to Taylor doing Les Mis.

Les Mis is an institute in the musical - world. It's easy to feel offended over the next cool country-pop star playing a role in it.

Harmony's world is weird and screwed up. Putting girls with a Disney-image will please the viewers of said films because they will want to see "those sweet girls" do fucked up and out there stuff.
I think it's even the reason more people will go to this film.

Trust me.
I'm quite sure about it.

There's something attractive about seeing good girls go bad.
People want to see that.
People will tune in to see that.
Nono, it's confirmed and happening. For realsies.

It may be weird, but it's good and credible stuff in the movie-community.
'Ramona and Beezus' was flawless.

Her last two films weren't associated with Disney, but I do agree she should to step into more serious time/. She's still young and has that youthful look, there's nothing wrong with sticking to your core fanbase and not going totally left field and/or freaky.

Even something a little edgier like a Easy-A/Mean Girls would work.
Obviously, this Harmony Korine movie won't be as weird as some of his other work. There's a reason he is using these kind of girls.

He's obviously hoping on mainstream-success or cross-over-success.

Even if it doesn't happen, the girls will be able to prove they can act and thus make sure they get bigger roles in other bigger films.

If it doesn't work they can always go back to Disney since their fanbase there will just have ignored that outing.
No, this isn't fair. I want more Selena music!

Selena Gomez in an Easy A-esque film would complete my life though.
Cowboystyle said:
Just noticed LMLALS is number 17 on US itunes, any reason for the big jump? Its been around 40/50 the last few weeks.

I've no idea, but I'm glad her best song has become her biggest hit so far. It's also one of my favourite singles from last year. Truly amazing.
It's helped that the song is now only $0.69 instead of regular price and it's gotten online promo via the main pop page on iTunes. Other than that, I have no clue why it's suddenly reviving. It sucks that the song is dying on pop radio but it's slowly climbing on HOT AC stations so it is able to stay afloat a little while longer.


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Yeah it was discounted for Valentine's Day. I'm guessing it'll be $1.29 by next week. But wow seriously, how amazing that it's still doing so well.
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