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Self Esteem - Prioritise Pleasure

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Did anyone buy this today? I was tempted but wasn't sure if I'd like it. Are they anything like M83?
  2. I haven't, but I do love Slow Club. They're like a very psychotically happy Fleet Foxes, which can only be a good thing!
  3. A&E


    So everyone should know about their amazing new singles (album Complete Surrender comes out on 14th July).

    "Complete Surrender":

  4. A&E


  5. Album stream is up!

    Can't help but be impressed with how expensive it sounds, think it's sheen might wear off quickly though. Ignoring the singles, I love Number One and the final minute of The Queen's Nose is incredible.
  6. New album alert.


    I love anything they do so I'm a blind stan who'll love this whatever the quality, but fingers crossed for a couple of uptempos.
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  7. Very lowkey. Not feeling the direction, but songs are still good. I could get lost in Come On Poet forever.

    Stream is up!
  8. I've been waiting for her solo stuff since she began talking about it, glad she seems to be getting involved in lots of different projects too, featuring on new Django Django, Moonlandingz, Daniel Woolhouse, etc. I like it but I wish I loved it.

    Also perched for Charles' upcoming solo stuff too, and that The Surfing Magazines project.
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  10. A bop. She looks snatched.
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  11. Queen.

    but also king has an album coming too in May.

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  12. Higher (HIGHER) higher (HIGH-EE-EEr)

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  13. Hello, handful of people in this thread. @backstreetjoe @HeartSwells @LE0Night

    First off, in blimey/sadness news, there's apparently a doco about the splitting of Slow Club:

    Which looks to be a bit brutal, all in. Love a bit of Slow Club, but it did seem on the last two albums they were going in separate directions: Charles leaning into softly sung guitar, Rebecca reaching for soul belters, the knot in the rope tied between them falling somewhere around Fleetwood Mac.

    But! They're both solo'd off now, albums and gigs.

    And I just got back from Self Esteem LIVE. Rebecca brought bops.
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  14. They really were one of the best unsung bands. I saw them in a tiny venue just after the release of Paradise and I still count it as one of the greatest shows I've seen in my whole life.

    I hope Rebecca's solo project really takes off, she's got such a versatile voice and has always been good at wringing emotion from something otherwise mundane.
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  16. I saw that this morning! The Best is my favourite so far, followed by Rollout. Kinda perched for the album but it still feels very rough round the edges.
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