Self Esteem - Prioritise Pleasure

I absolutely adore the extra production and like the ‘You Forever’ edit it sounds elevated!

She’s a gem, I just wish we got some music videos for both
She's in the Live Lounge now. Covering Becky Hill's Remember and also doing Wizardry.

Thank you for the link I forgot it was today and this was great to listen to on my lunch break.
So I understand they cannot say the name on the radio but to just call it wizardry the general public isn’t going to find it on streaming platforms ah well more Self Esteem for me so glad I got to see her last November in a very small venue.

Nice of Jo O'Meara to make an appearance.

Love the video, she looks gorgeous. So fantastic to see her getting a second push off the back of the Mercury nomination. Saw her in Bristol this weekend and she was fabulous. She’s really quite the talent.