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Self Esteem - Prioritise Pleasure

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. New date for Bristol and the Cambridge venue has been upgraded.

    Fingers crossed she wins the Mercury Prize tonight, I had no idea she was the favourite to win. So bloody happy for her.

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  2. I really hope she wins tonight, but in many ways she’s already won. Love her comments here:

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  4. I love her response:

  5. Great performance on Jools. I love the “Keep lyrics uncomfortable “ message on the drums.

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  6. She's on Graham Norton this week. I'm very impressed by how many TV spots she's doing, especially a year after releasing the album. It's the kind of long tail you don't see much anymore in music.
  7. I wonder if this is all some sort of Mercury Prize lobbying, since I imagine it's been decided 5 weeks ago? Or just riding on the very well deserved coattails of the nomination.
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  8. The longevity of this promotional campaign though. We love to see it.
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    She is fantastic!!! I can't wait to see her next year.
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  10. It's a weird one because her (well-earned) live reputation and media adoration is totally at odds with her streams and views which are extremely poor for someone of her profile and the amount of promo she knocks out.

    There's a sort of weird disconnect there the label hasn't quite managed to glue together: it feels a bit like a Christine & The Queens situation where people are fully on board with her as a performer and personality, but there's a bit of a gap where the rest of it should be.
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  11. 3 new dates for Sheffield, Manchester and London due to demand.

    So bloody happy for her, she must be ecstatic.

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  12. When I did the post for last years PJ Advent Calendar I mentioned that of everyone I know who listened, they either loved it or bounced off completely. But the bounce was not like "no this is bad actually" but that it just wasn't for them. The quality of the music is unarguably impeccable but I think her style and the albums content taps into a very specific feeling. It's one of uncomfortable millennial yearning and owning trauma and I think that can make it difficult to recommend to people (not that it's stopped me!). One person I did recommend to listen started with I'm Fine and it completely turned him off and I think kind of fair enough? I love it but as an opener it's very heavy and I think intentionally so.
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  13. A third Manchester date??? We stay winning!
  14. Rebecca’s really been killing it with her TV performances lately: Jools, Graham Norton … I hope it pays off, Mercury wise, but even if not I’m so glad she’s getting all of this exposure at this point in the campaign. Longer campaigns are increasingly rare, alas, so it has been an absolute delight to see her keep going from strength to strength. Also, it’s absolutely deserved. Prioritise Pleasure is a lifeline to me, a life-changing magnum opus - like, she really did that!
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  15. Here's the Graham Norton performance:
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  16. Her touring and commitment to pushing the album will stand her in good stead for a really loyal fanbase.
  17. She didn't win :(
  18. Yes but the winner was extremely deserving, and made the better album. Rebecca has still had a wonderful year and seems to be going places.
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  19. She gave the performance of the night alongside Simz (and Sam teebs). She won with this promo cycle in general - I hope it can be capitalised on again in the next 'era'.
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