Self Esteem - Prioritise Pleasure

Great review in the Guardian. 4/5.

“Pop runs on outsized emotions, but too often they’re couched in relatively safe musical settings. The debut album by Self Esteem – AKA Rebecca Taylor, formerly of Slow Club– finds her translating some compellingly unflattering lyrics about her actions during a break-up into wild, ambitious pop that’s a million miles from her old band’s steady descent into Radio 2 pleasantries.”

I’m liking it a fair bit but it’s a sort of wild and rough version of a typical by the numbers pop album. It’s got a good vibe but the production can be lacking in a few of the tracks. I’ve only spend a day with it anyway so it’s a little early to make a final judgement.

I keep getting Lily Allen vibes through it too, Rebecca has got tonnes of charm.
Really inventive, interesting record. I thought "Wrestling" in particular was really amazing.

Is that Rebecca pitched down on the last song or someone else singing?
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She was brilliant last night in Manchester, strong voice, the band and backing singers were a total mood and she seemed taken aback every time the crowd cheered.
She was hilarious on Twitter after the gig. She told everyone to come down to GAY and buy her blue WKD. Then ten mins later she tweeted to say they had moved on because the playlist was "heinous"!
One of my favourites of the year thus far. She’s supporting Florence and the Machine on her Edinburgh dates which is kinda huge. I feel like she’s the kind of underdog veteran that might get a nod from the Mercury awards, or maybe that’s just really wishful thinking. Depends whether she or the label can be arsed to fork out for it.


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We just got this delivered in at work and it's great! Perfect pop with edge to it, I adore the cover art and the whole artwork of the physical release actually. Love her voice too.
Self Esteem had completely passed me by until a friend recommended her to me. She'd seen her at Glastonbury wearing her dress made out of Boots Advantage cards and said she'd be right up my street. On one side I hate that I'm so predictable, on the other, she is absolutely spot on, she's great!