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Self Esteem - Prioritise Pleasure

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. I saw Self Esteem in Leeds on Sunday night and she was absolutely brilliant. I was so blown away by her, her vocals and just the presence that her band brought to the music.

    Her album is absolutely my Rae Morris of 2019, in that it's music that slowly gets under your skin until you are totally in love.

    EDIT: Forgot to post this great interview which shows Rebecca's sense of humour. She also mentions a love of Nicola Roberts!
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  2. She sounds like Nicola on a few of these tracks.
  3. New bonus track, Rooms has just been released.

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  4. Hmm why don't I see it on Spotify? Is it not added to the album?
  5. First time listening and gotta say, Girl Crush is brilliant.
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  6. So excited for this, absolutely adored the debut, i still hammer Girl Crush to this day. Hope to see them live when everything is over and done with.

    They deserve to be HUGE!
  7. Not long to go now.


  8. Track and video are both corkers.
  9. Tour coming this year, hopefully.


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  10. God she's good. I'm gutted that her Leeds date clashes with when I'm seeing Rina Sawayama because I really enjoyed seeing her live last time around.
  11. The new song is absolutely sublime.

    So glad I snatched a ticket to see her!
  12. pdf


    well this is just EPIC
  13. RLT was on Later With Jools last night:

    I Do This All The Time has also been playlisted on Radio 1 & 6Music in the past few weeks. Have been hearing it a lot on 6Music during the day time shows. C'mon momentum!

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  15. She's not playing this time.

    Album out in October. Loads of options on the webstore.

    (can someone change the thread title? Slow Club have basically disbanded)
  16. Absolutely phenomenal again.
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    2014 Staff Member

    It's common fact if you've got Pleasure in your song/album title, it's going to slap. Both songs from this are so fantastic!!
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  18. come back @2014
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