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Self Esteem - Prioritise Pleasure

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Inland Empire

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    So this is where the party is.
  2. A few days ago I stumbled upon 'I Do This All The Time' on the music channels before logging on to work and it destroyed me, but the fact that there are also bops here? Incredible.
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  3. NME cover star. New single Monday.

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  4. Another banger. She's a national treasure.
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  5. The Kermit plush is sending me. She's giving me Rachel McAdams on the album cover.

    The Manchester date is the day before Steps, so I could ostensibly adjust my travel dates to see her... but it's sold out. So's London. Damn!
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  6. She got a big pop girl reception to her set at Green Man festival this weekend, a festival full of picky indie fans. She's on the cusp of something.

  7. Whew! This might be my favourite yet?
  8. "Sexting you at the mental health talk seems counter-productive" is one of the greatest opening lyrics I've EVER heard.
  9. This really is shaping up to be album of the year.
  10. Even I am bopping.
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  11. Je suis morte
  12. I don't get why Moody wasn't the lead single honestly. It's perfect and would have/should/hopefully (...) will attract new listeners for her.
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  13. 2014

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    Moody is good but the title track is still the best.
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  14. Some of the songs are giving Florence if the straights hadn't discovered her.
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  15. eck


    She had another song "You Forever" that was randomly up on Spotify but it's taken down. It was the poppiest one I've heard so far but it was another banger for me.
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  16. Rebecca won the Music Award at the Attitude awards.

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  18. Clash: 8/10
    MusicOMH: 5/5
    Line of Best Fit: 10/10

    (future) Metacritic queen!

    Album is out this Friday... which I didn't realise was the same day that Charles' (ex-Slow Club) side project The Surfing Magazines is releasing their new album nn.
  19. hmv is selling this album with free signed postcards if you live near one, by the by.
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