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Selfie (ABC)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Big Bang, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

    Iconic new sitcom starring living legend Karen Gillan!!!!! I just watched the pilot and loved it!
  2. I am only watching this because of John Cho. The pilot was nice - hopefully we will get more than one season.
  3. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I watched the pilot, and despite obvious problems, it has potential. John and Karen have a natural chemistry, but a show like this relies on the writers figuring out the tone they want and sticking with it.
  4. I loved it so much, Karen is amazing in it and some of the stuff Eliza comes out with has me howling, #thestruggle
  5. The second episode was actually funny. This has really potential.
  6. There is already cancellation talk about this show which is gutting to me.
  7. The second episode was great! I won't let it get cancelled.
  8. Nooo! That would be a real shame.
  9. Ratings have been abysmal. It's sad because it's actually a really cute show, but I think some of the early ads and the fact that the show is titled "Selfie" kind of deterred people.
  10. I agree, if it weren't for John Cho, I would have never started watching the show - only because of the title.
  11. Rob


    ABC really pick the worst titles for their shows, GCB, Selfie, Black-ish, Don't Trust the B... seriously?
  12. That was actually pretty impressive.
  13. At least now we know what Big Bang's favourite song of the year is going to be.

    I had no idea she could actually sing, when I clicked on the link I thought it was going to be a piss take version for comedy purposes.
  14. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have well and truly been slayed. I just KNEW she had it in her!!! Oh god I've had this on repeat ALL day. Her heavenly voice will get me through this troubling time dealing with Selfie's ratings.

    Karen, please become a popstar, I'll support you as much as I support Cher Lloyd and Tulisa!!
  15. Officially cancelled. Buh-bye.
  16. That is really sad.


    *BLASTS CHANDELIER (Karen Gillan version) WHILST CRYING*
  18. She was dire in Guardians of the Galaxy. Why give her a television show for her to ham it up so much?
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