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Selling Sunset (Netflix)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by TrixieVillaintina, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. The show centers on the real estate brokers at the Oppenheim Group, which focuses on multi-million dollar homes for wealthy clients. Twins Jason and Brett. Oppenheim (who have previously been seen on “Million Dollar Listing”) run the company, along with their all-female group of agents. The series focuses on what happens when a new agent Chrishell Hartley, an actress who’s also married to “This Is Us” star Justin Hartley joins.

    “Selling Sunset,” an 8-episode series that follows a group of real estate agents on the Sunset Strip. By producer Adam DiVello who was an MTV executive that helped develop “Laguna Beach,” and he later left the network to create and executive produce its even more successful spinoff, “The Hills.” His production company, Done and Done Prods., is behind “Selling Sunset,” along with Lionsgate TV.


    I went into this thinking it was just another Bravoesque realtor show, but it’s actually really good and entertaining, I live for drama and this delivers it, love that it’s so women centered, it’s a great cast. Christine is my spirit animal, and I love that she reminds me of Brianna from Grace & Frankie.
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  2. I'm on episode 3 and this is so compelling. It makes total sense that Adam DiVello produced this. Just as entertaining and really a similar style to The Hills: Little tidbits of conversation and lots of cuts to (non-existent)"stares" and stuff.
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  3. For sure. Fans of The Hills are really missing out if they’re not watching this show.
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    Just finished this and I'm already aching for a second series. It's everything I love, amazing houses, L.A and a proper set of bitches.
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  5. I love how Davina comes out of nowhere as the shadiest. I LIVE.
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    Season 2 comes out May 22nd! Can’t wait. This is the perfect binge watch whilst in lockdown. I’m currently going back through season 1.
  7. My sisters and I have been obsessed with this after discovering it recently. It feels so much like The Hills in the best possible way so I wasn’t surprised that Adam DiVello was involved. Especially with the music and how it’s all edited.

    Davina coming out of nowhere to be such a shady stirrer was unexpected but I’m living for it.

    Also the cynic in me thinks they’ve pulled a blinder by casting an actual (part-time?) actress as the main and owning up to her past briefly. Very clever!

    Can’t wait for the new season now!
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  8. Ahhh I’m so glad they’re dropping a second season. I thought it was capped at season one so this is a lovely surprise!
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  10. Davina didn’t get invited to Mary’s wedding? I am loving it.
  11. I cannot WAIT to see how my ruthless queen responds.
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  12. After reading this was getting a second season, I finally decided to binge it this week, and wow what a treat!!! I also figured this would be some uninteresting Million Dollar Listing-knockoff, but it’s actually MUCH more of a delightful Hills/Housewives hybrid. The cast is just the right amount of nuts, the producers balance the real estate stuff with the personal drama wonderfully, and in true Adam DiVello fashion, it’s one of the most beautifully shot shows I’ve ever seen.

    Also, I love how short the episodes are - it’s my biggest complaint about The Hills reboot.
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  13. Two episodes into the new season. Ugh, it’s like I’m 17 again watching the second season of The Hills!!!! The drama has for sure ramped up.
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    I've only watched one episode as I need to pace myself. Do we actually think any of these women work for them full time or just rolled out for filming?
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  15. Ugh this has been on my to-watch list forever. I watched the first episode of season one but it got away from me.
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  16. I reckon they do work there for now but If the show continues and their little celebrity grows then things regarding their full time work will change
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    I already had it on my list but after reading through all of this I‘ll have to start watching tonight.
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  18. Season 3 coming in August!

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  19. I’ve done the same thing. Don’t want to rush through it in 2 days.

    I don’t think Chrishell actually works there (think that’s the most obvious one) and after Christine revealing she took a long break I don’t think she actually does either.

    I would love it if we found out that Davina did actually work for them and decided to just be a shady queen and a stirrer for the sake of TV.

    EDIT: Wow! That got renewed quickly, Netflix must have a lot of faith in it or it’s more popular than I initially thought.
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  20. Season 3 coming in August!

    Cannot wait to watch season 2 this weekend.
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