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Selling Sunset (Netflix)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by TrixieVillaintina, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. Island

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    Does Davina buy out the company?
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  2. This is sending me on so many levels. You have to stan!
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  3. Davina being the only Selling Sunset girl I haven’t met… 2022 goals.
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  4. MB


  5. I physically recoiled when whichever twin that is said he was in love with Chrishell.
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  6. Oh that looks juicier than season 4.
  7. “Black and Blonde Barbie!”

    Loving the not-subtle-at-all spin-off suggestion.
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  8. I will say, this season is miles ahead of the last. The Christine-VS-the others storyline still dominates, but they finally have other storylines to balance it out, and there are actual arcs & stakes this time around. Also, Christine getting an ally changes the dynamic in the best way.

    Queenvina not getting a line in the trailer is upsetting, but know that the $75 million home returns. And yes, somehow the dreaded gold filtering has gotten worse.
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  9. I didn't enjoy last season at all so I'm glad this season looks much better.
  10. Dreaded?!
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  11. I’m getting BDE from Chloe. Iconic already.
  12. It's so clear from that trailer that they should have either not released the previous season, or taken like, a very small part of it and merged it with the content for the upcoming season. I actually forgot we had new episodes of this show in 2021 until I saw everyone rightfully saying that this next season already looks better.
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  13. dddd I can't wait for this
  14. This show is hilarious. Christine insinuating she’s not getting listings because she’s not sleeping with Jason when in reality her license lapsed.

    I do have to bow down at her ruining Heather’s bridal shower by dropping that bonkers flower arrangement at the entrance of the venue. I live for petty shit like that.
  15. I’m assuming the person they’re referring to re: getting rid of someone is Vanessa? She’s on the poster but I couldn’t see her in that trailer at all.

    Kinda makes sense? She seemed like a nice person but ultimately didn’t really bring anything to the show. She isn’t really someone made for reality TV.
  16. I think you're on the money. She didn't really have a presence in the last season. And her being on a soap I'd thought that she'd bring the dramatics. Maybe in another lifetime. I think she's in a totally different place (personally and career-wise) compared to the other women.
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  17. The girls will be filming a Season 5 reunion special to be hosted by Tan France!
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  18. I love how they’re milking this series. There needs to be a season every couple of months.
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  19. Inshallah Tan will bring that messy desi aunty energy and stir the pot during the reunion.
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  20. Some tea:

    Christine may have already left the Oppenheim group as a realtor. Apparently she and her husband started their own brokerage that specializes in homes solely purchased by cryptocurrency.
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