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Selling Sunset (Netflix)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by TrixieVillaintina, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. I’m just up to Davina meeting with Adnan again YAS I’m hoping for another mini thriller film.
  2. Davina's interaction with her client Amanda on episode 5, oh my god. Her social skills are unmatched.
    Christine saying she never instigated shit... I used to love what she brought to the show, but I fear she lied way too much and now it's just embarassing to witness her contradict herself every episode? Telling Mary they were never close friends when the entire first season she bragged about them being sisters etc.
    Literally Christine every episode:
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  3. Christine and Chelsea at the beach:

  4. Imagine if Chrishell got stuck in that doggy door and had to get sawed out. Davina would have done that for us.
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  5. Episode 7; Heather trying to outdo Chelsea and her buyer immediately dropping out. Delicious.
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  6. Mary acting like Vanessa is the worst thing that ever happened to the O Group and should leave... has Amanza ever sold a single house while there tho?
  7. Island

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    I think her and Heather teamed up on a house. At least she has her staging work going for her.
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  8. Micah pretending to like Emma so he can promote himself, his bar and his houses? Iconic behaviour I fear.
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  9. I'm going to need the reunion to take place at the 75 million dollar mansion
  10. Every time Chloe says “vibe” the orange blurring filter get stronger.
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  11. Island

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    The scene between Davina and Christine… Davina genuinely felt hurt.

    The scene in the office on the first episode, Davina clearly doesn’t like Heather and Chrishell and it’s so awkward. Ugh she’s the icon of the show.

  12. I feel like Pablo Larrain's next great film could be about Davina and her business with Adnan and his wife.
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  13. God, it's such an ugly house.
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    Queenvina owned the second half of the season.
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  15. Davina turning up to the Caviar & ‘Curture’ open in that amazing suit, followed by that incredibly passive aggressive confrontation with her client…I don’t know a better woman.
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  16. Davina, with all her awkwardness, is iconic. I just experienced that blond with the coral pink blazer that’s draped over her shoulders (who thought she was giving HBIC energy, but she was giving everything but that) and oh boy! Davina dropping an F bomb while coming for her… my awkward queen.
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  17. Best look of the show! For all of the “fashion” on the show, it was actually the most stylish, modern thing I’ve seen someone wear.
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  18. @lushLuck please tell me your interview(s) with Christine have come up in these drama disputes.
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  19. And he wore those check fuckboy pants to their date.
  20. I just finished episode four so I might change my mind with the latter half of the season, but I... would not be mad at Christine leaving the show. I can't believe I'm saying this, having stanned her extra hard in season 2&3.

    I love it when she unapologetically leans into the villain role, but as soon as she tries to mix it with a victim complex, it comes off so bad. An actress she is not and everytime she attempts to shed some crocodile tears, I just cringe so hard.

    I've learned from the Housewives that a good villain for multi-season-format needs to switch gears every so offen; seek new and unexpected alliances. Fighting with the whole cast is only compelling for so long...
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