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Selling Sunset (Netflix)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by TrixieVillaintina, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. My main takeaways from it.

    Maya is a total queen! Her response about her stillborn child was utterly commendable. She put it so eloquently and she was so brave in her delivery of the words.
    Her face during GFlip made the entire reunion worth while.
  2. Christine really overshot the mark these last two seasons. You can’t survive on these ensemble shows when you have…literally no one on your team. She was particularly vile this season, gaslighter extraordinaire, etc. She’s been great television, but it’s time to go. Also couldn’t stop thinking about her Ivanka Trump reference - nope!

    I think the show will be fine without her. Different dynamic, yes, but the majority of it has always, to me, been a fairly slow-paced, background noise kind of show. It does that job well, and I’m looking forward to where they take it from here.
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  3. I just started watching this show and I’m kind of obsessed. Has the awful soundtrack of Fefe Dobson rejects been discussed much?
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  4. Christine is bad at reality tv. You need to approach it like improv and “yes and..” your way through every situation, but she’s been a narrative dead end for the last 2 seasons at least. A proper supervillain would ingratiate herself into the group and twist the knife from the inside. How’s she going to torment the girlies if she’s been ghosted by all of them and fired?!

    She’s the opposite of a Chrishell, who has the knack for producing and maintaining the kind of ridiculous, surprising and varied mess that keeps reality tv going.
  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I think Christine checked out of the show last season anyways.

    Who’s going to be the “villain” in the next season though? Brett?
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  6. Yeah, I honestly think Christine has just been using the show as a placeholder to keep her profile topped up as she weighs up her next career move(s) - which appears to be Crypto real estate (?) and Real Housewives.
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  7. I’ve finally finished the latest season. I started it last week and only now managed to finish it along with the reunion. My goddd Christine, just get rid of her. She’s not even enjoyable to watch anymore. Playing the victim whenever her own antics are brought up was super infuriating to watch. She hasn’t sold a house in two seasons, so the rumours about her real estate license being out of date kinda rings true to me.

    Chelsea, Christ was is her accent?! To think she went to university up the road from me?? I agree the gross sense of classism both her and Christine exhibited this season was not nice to watch at all. As a reality star, she’s fun to watch but the fact she seemed to take Christine’s word as gospel was annoying.

    Both Heather and Davina were great this season. I’m glad I went into the season actively stanning Davina because she did not disappoint. I feel like I’m in the minority when I say I actually really like Emma??

    I’m glad they showed more of the houses this time round. Season 4 it felt like they showed 1 house the entire season, so it was great to see more of the real estate element of the show.

    I agree the show seems to be in a weird space now. Christine needs to go but then what does that do to the overall show? Adam Divello always needs one girl to be the villain the rest of the group dislike (Heidi in The Hills, Olivia in The City and now Christine in Selling Sunset), I’m unsure where the show goes from here.

    Also, get rid of Vanessa. She offers NOTHING!!

    On the reunion, I though Tan France did a good job as host. It wasn’t as spicy as I hoped but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
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  8. Going against Christine, Chelsea and Davina? Couldn’t be me.
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  9. Literally icons.

    Emma needed booting the second she walked on the show. What an absolute bore of a person.
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  10. She kinda gives Heidi Montag after she fell out with Lauren and it all became fake Spencer drama.
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  11. Chrishell looks amazing.
  12. Nn this statement is so shady.
  13. Maybe I’m pessimistic but this feels like such a staged romance.
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  14. Like everything attention seeking narcissist Chrishelle does.
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  15. Agreed! Christine and Davina stan here.
  16. I will never fault a reality star for manufacturing drama & intrigue.
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  17. This song exists
  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Whether or not the relationship is staged, I can appreciate Chrishell coming into her own with some self-discovery, especially when it's not something she's realized until recently. But, didn't she also say that her and G-Flip aren't currently on the same path (*cough* babies *cough*) so that's what is confusing me.
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  19. I actually think that's what Maya's reaction was about. There are levels to it too when you consider Maya's stillbirth.
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