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Selling Sunset (Netflix)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by TrixieVillaintina, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. Have they? At worst, I think people just think she's becoming a bit predictable/her heart isn't really in it. At best, we're seeing the time-old tradition of 'show villain (Christine) vs. true villain (Chrishell)' memes surface every few months.
  2. Am I the only person who remembers a season one scene where Christine and Chrishell had a one on one… and they had great chemistry? Like, the show’s dynamic would have been a lot more interesting if they had been pushed to be friends, and say, eventually they start their own brokerage, the ‘good’ girl and the ‘bad’ girl working together versus The Twins. That would have been the true #girlboss take instead of whatever we got.
  3. Well the real issue with the show, has been mentioned numerous times, is that the dynamics never change, which is instrumental with any narrative-reality series.
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  4. Totally agreed, something like that would’ve been a lot more interesting - to clarify, I was just referring to the point about the last two seasons ‘damaging’ Christine’s reputation. I don’t think it’s been damaged, it’s just - as has been implied - been at a complete standstill.
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  5. Christine is great tv, half the rest of the cast suck because they just want to be friends and sit around drinking a glass of wine talking about their fake and/or boring relationships.
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  6. Literally what was Christine’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live!? The bizarre voice she put on and her piles of blatant lies…choices.
  7. I loved Christine's interview on Call Her Daddy - well, the bits about inside info on shooting the show at least. I know we know this, but her actually showing how easily conversations are edited was kinda of a gag. And the bit about them asking her to look pissed at Mary's promotion day was also elightening. She's still full of shit - she says she never talks about cast members on interviews - but it does make me have more appreciation for her.
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  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Maya had a miscarriage this week. Wishing her the best.
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  9. Yeah, it really doesn't work on a "everyone loves each other - apart from Christine" there needs to be narratives between the other girls too.
  10. Will say I’ve seen the first two episodes of Selling The OC and I am OBSESSED. Talk about a fascinating dynamic, a great ensemble, major real estate porn, and a fully endearing/relatable female protagonist.

  11. Filming starts “late summer” so I’m assuming August and Christine IS returning.
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  12. So this will debut next spring? Netflix really needs to branch out with these shows so we have something to watch every month or every other month. I finished Selling Tampa and loved it!!!
    I really enjoy this franchise. Can’t wait for Selling the OC!
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  13. Island

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    I need more Colony and Anne-Sophie in my life!
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  14. I am thinking Selling Tampa may be dead. Sharelle did Carlos Kings podcast last month and said they haven’t heard anything about a second season at Netflix at all.
  15. It’s a shame they’re not including Selling Tampa into their collection of Selling… shows going forward. It was so much fun! We deserve a second season for sure.
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  16. Even though it was just as staged as Selling Sunset, at least most of Tampa’s drama felt somewhat grounded in reality: I liked seeing them grapple with issues like ageing parents (not that Sharelle handled this particularly admirably!), pay disputes, incompetent colleagues, professional rivalries/loyalties etc. as opposed to a season-long arc over whether Christine was telling the truth about a random man we never even saw onscreen recycling an engagement ring.
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  17. Selling Tampa feels like an Oxygen show, which I don't mind. But it doesn't lend itself well to escapist hate/envy watching like Selling Sunset does. Given the layoffs at Netflix, I wouldn't be surprised if Selling Tampa is first/early on the chopping block, for various (typically, unjust or racist) reasons.
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  18. Maya is leaving, Vanessa is most likely out too and Christine ‘s status is up in the air. They are casting new girls as well.
  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Maya got what she wanted out of the show and no longer needs it, plus it most heavily affect her personal life.

    The exits better mean more Davina time. Make Adnan’s wife a cast member! Give us scenes where Davina is having dinner parties in the $75 million mansion!
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  20. Vanessa can do, she added and continues to add nothing. I’m sad to see Maya go, but she needs to do what’s right for her.

    Also when they add the new girls in they need to stop positioning them as someone Christine can confide in (because no one else likes her) and then suddenly that person doesn’t like Christine either like the rest of the girls.
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