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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. I'm so glad they gave it a chance to finish the story in the end. Can't wait to watch it!
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  2. Just under a week to go and I'm balls deep in a series rewatch. Can't believe how much was laid down in the first few episodes I'd totally forgotten about. Can't wait to see how this all wraps up.
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  3. LiK


    I wanted to rewatch the seasons leading up to this but I'm the worst at binge watching. So I'm hoping Netflix will release a cute recap trailer like they did with 13 Reasons why to help us brush up.

    I heard the finale will actually be 2.5 hours, so that's even better.
  4. I find that I can binge-watch as long as I keep it 2-3 episodes a day MAX, at the end of every episode find a breakdown synopsis of the episode on Wiki or elsewhere (and remind myself of bits I've glazed over or hadn't noticed, or read about a concept I haven't a clue about) and also watch with the subtitles on so that my eyes remain glued to the screen and not wandering to my phone for fifteen minutes.
  5. Ready for this, but I'll also be watching season 1 and 2 again. This show really is one of a kind, isn't it?
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  6. The funale is out! And zomg, well. I did not see some of that coming.
  7. I LOVED IT. Some of it was deliciously silly, but if you've bought into the genre-hopping madness of the show so far you'll just go with it. Actual cried by the end. I had so much fun watching that, I'm going to really miss this show, and the characters, especially Amanita and Bug.

    I did not think I was ever going to like Rajan, how the fuck did they pull that off?

    I get that they had to jettison three of the plots to focus on making the final episode, but it's kinda sad that we didn't get to see Joon-ki get jailed. Also, what the actual fuck was that middle-Earth expository sequence in the middle?
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  8. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Hoping there’s at least one more orgy for the road...
  9. I wept. omg that was so good.

    That final sequence was outstanding!

    And now it's all over....

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  10. Is it normal to cry more during a wedding party scene, than the wedding scene that precedes it?
    Is it normal to cry watching an orgy? Or the credits? They did THAT.

    And who knew the hottest triangle in the show would turn out to be
    Kala's??? Consider me shooque.

    As for the credits:
    Not that hot guy from Lila's cluster appearing in the credits too, I need to find out who he is, ddd.
    Also not that guy with the sunglasses who pretended to hold the Eiffel Tower in his hand during the credits also being hot, help, I'm thirsty.

    I thought that the only bad bit was
    that temple scene where everything was so slow and unconvincing. They couldn't have done it worse if they tried. It wasn't worse than the several bad moments of season 2 though.
    But that was such a tiny little bit of the whole thing, it literally didn't matter.

    And I could have done with a bit more Lito/Hernando/Daniela, I felt they were the only ones that felt kind of like a leftover.
    Even during the wedding scene they were the only ones in the group where I didn't feel like they gave me anything. I could have lived without any of the temple shit if it meant one more scene about them for example. I also think that they could have shown us a bit more of who Lila was, she was too one-note, but that was not important in the context of the show, I understand.

    Oh, yeah, I also think the guy who played Capheus did a really good job here compared to (the rest of) season 2 where I was feeling his performance was more forced.

    This series was such a wonderful gift as a whole. I am very grateful it exists, and I also feel kind of relieved that we got an ending so fast instead of jumping to random shit arcs and eventually diluting its identity and value with further seasons. I feel so lucky to have experienced this.
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  11. I loved it. It was so fanservicey - but in the best way possible. So many characters brought back, so many call backs to the other 2 seasons.

    I panicked when Lila shot Kala, I really thought for a second they were going to kill her off.#

    I loved everything about the wedding scene, with everyone being there together, I liked seeing Angelica there in the circle, and Lana cameoing in the background

    I loved that end montage of moments from the relationships - especially Nomi and Amanita's first meeting and I loved the music over that scene.
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  12. I got a lil emotional at the end. Sad to see it go but glad it got a final note.
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  13. I just brought the song from the final scene, Ludovico Einaudi - Experience
  14. I just watched the finale - it was great, but it'll take a little while to process! Glad it got a proper, and thoroughly deserved ending though. No way could they unceremoniously axe it like that.
  15. Squeeee that was such a nice ending. What a visually stunning show. I will miss the 12 person orgies and yas Rajan Stan bisexuality a bit.

    Fuck yeh
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  16. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Administrator

    Wow, that was really emotional. I didn’t expect to be bawling by the end. I think it wasn’t just that I will miss the show and characters but you got a sense(8) that the whole cast and crew were really that close too. I felt sad for them!

    But to end this

    with a 20 minute club scene followed by an orgy was fucking hilarious. And for the final shot to be of a glistening rainbow strap-on felt really defiant and queer and ridiculous and perfect.
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  17. I started this like 3 times and every time I get bored after ep 2.
  18. Goodbye best-made-show-on-TV, I will miss you all.

    I'm not sure how it could've gone on much longer though, the production budget must be through the roof!

    Lito didn't get much to do, sadly, it was entirely the Nomi/Amanita show (fine by me as they're super cute) and that final shot made me howl.
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