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September 2019 PJ Charts: From nobody to somebody, I became a very special me

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. I usually can't stand Camila but I can't get this song out of my head and I'm not even mad about it. 2019 is so strange.
  2. Time to stan this gay country love song

  3. Whew. Ms Twigs did that.
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  4. Je m'appelle Osprey and this song is a bop
    Put it on your ballot, right at the top

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  5. Clearly I summoned this into existence by announcing my Fall Out Boy rate.

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  6. White gay pop confluence alert. Little Yearsers assemble.

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  7. We love an unsettling mental health bop.
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  8. So, even though I flopped with her in the PJSC... I'm totally on board with Miraa May. I'd love to get her to chart, here.

    Her most recent work is a feature on this song (her verse is a minute in):

    Her recent ep (Dark) came out at the end in July... so it's a couple months old now (but I'm gonna promo it anyways!)

    'Angles' is a damn bop, but really both her EPs the last year are pretty brilliant.

    I'll add a couple of her songs to the FYC playlist.
  9. fff this is so good.
  10. If you like Miami Horror and modern tropical electro then give the new effort from Bag Raiders a spin.
    This one is my #1 album this month.

    Flor are that soft vocal indie band that you'll love. Their new album has been a long time in the making.

    A new amazing Ionnalee track
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  11. Oh hell, why not try again, dddd.
  12. @DJHazey please listen to this and like it and give it points! And anyone else who likes alternative/hardcore punk rock music with a male vocalist who is gorgeous.
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  13. You alt gays better vote for her cause I’m taking names
  14. A sneak peak at my September songs ballot

    10 Violence - Grimes & i_o
    9 Cinnamon Girl - Lana Del Rey
    8 Violence - Grimes & i_o
    7 Cinnamon Girl - Lana Del Rey
    6 Violence - Grimes & i_o
    5 Cinnamon Girl - Lana Del Rey
    4 Violence - Grimes & i_o
    3 Cinnamon Girl - Lana Del Rey
    2 Violence - Grimes & i_o
    1 Cinnamon Girl - Lana Del Rey

    Said I like like sad said I like it like sad
  15. what if I just voted for 10 tegan and Sara songs?
  16. Has anyone posted the new Robyn yet? Because there's new Robyn.

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