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Servant (Apple TV series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by DangerousHun, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. I'm still to watch this (damn exams) but I just remembered The Village and I'm having a moment listening to the score and watching random scenes

    I love this film so much.

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  2. Just binge watched this on this weekend. I had read some reviews criticizing the series for having no ending, but I actually didn’t mind the finale? It was pretty good and I’m here for a second season if it’s planned. I could’ve done with a bit more explanation but I suppose they’ll do it on the next season? Loved it!
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  3. LPT


    Season Two is coming January 15th.
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  4. So glad it is coming!
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  5. Season 2 trailer:

    The series was renewed for the 3rd season.
  6. THE WAY I SCREAMED. We're not getting all of it at one go right? OR ARE WE?
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  7. Yes!
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  8. I believe it’ll be weekly.
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  9. Cool. I'll be able to watch most of the new season before my free 1 year trial expires....
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  10. Yuck. I guess I’ll wait till it’s over and watch it at one go. There are so many other shows to catch up with anyway.
  11. I caved and saw the first episode. It was mehhhh.
  12. A weekly release for this mess? Mhmmm... I don't think Servant is the girl Apple think it is, honestly the mess they call plot would benefit A LOT if you don't have a whole week to sit in your mind.
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  13. This is a food porn show disguised as a thriller.
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  14. I felt disencouraged to watch the first episode after the lukewarm reviews. Think I might wait for the season to end and if it's any good I'll watch it, don't want to ruin the good experience that the first season provided if this turns out to be sh*t.
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  15. It’s really bad. I’m on episode three right now and why are we watching them watching the other guy go to the house? Why did they film this as such? Covid? That’s such a strange set up.
  16. I feel like I'll enjoy this season much more if I wait until I can binge it all. 30 minute episodes with some that are duds is fine if you have them all at your disposal and can just go to the next one, but it's frustrating when an episode is uneventful and you have to wait a week.
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  17. I have no patience to binge it when it comes to this show. That’s the problem.
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  18. This week's episode was really good. Part of me wishes they'd shorten this show by a season or so to make the episodes a bit more action packed, but I'll take what I can get. So many questions with how Sean lost his taste and feeling in his hand, how it came back, etc. And with Dorothy going absolutely batshit crazy this episode.....Sean is such a simp for his constant defense of her dd.
  19. The reviews from the critics aren’t lukewarm tho. They were living for the first seven episodes sent.
  20. I feel like this is one of those shows that I would enjoyed more if it was just one season. Season 1 was fun and the concept was interesting but the novelty has kinda worn off for me now and I just want a resolution to the story and be done with it.

    ...Partly as there’s only so much of Dorothy I can handle and I feel myself wanting to switch off when she’s on screen now. I also don’t feel invested in any of the characters to see them in a prolonged storyline.

    I shouldn’t complain though. It’s nice to have something to watch during this UK lockdown.
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