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Session Singers in Pop Music

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Blayke, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. I wanted to create this thread to see if everyone else shares the same interest/curiosity as me. In my opinion, Session singers are important in Pop Music because at times they create more vocal depth / instrument / backup and then there are some who are used as a main vocal (mostly not credited).

    I wanted to see if people notice this and if it changes the perception of a song? I personally love it when someone completely random appears on a track. I'll list a few of my favourites in another post.
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  2. Jennifer Lopez is serial offender of this. The chorus and other elements of 'Play', 'Let's Get Loud', 'If You Had My Love', 'Ain't It Funny', 'I'm Gonna Be Alright', 'Get Right'.

    My favourite is from S Club 7's song Alive's middle 8. Listen at 2:26.

    I find it hilarious because there's so many singers(?) in that group and they left the session singer in the middle-8 whilst the group lip to those vocals. Brilliant!
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  3. Yes!

    I'm not sure if this is encompassed in your definition of session singers, but I also find it really interesting to listen to demo versions of tracks that were then given to more prominent acts to record and release (there's probably a different thread dedicated to this already).
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  4. Dead at the SC7 session singer. They should have got her on the comeback.
  5. "The most famous singer you've never heard of", according to The Mirror...

    The lovely Tessa Niles, whose vocals would appear on just about everyone's records in the 80s, from Go West, Level 42 to Marillion, Bowie, Gary Numan...
  6. Two words:

    Debra Killings.
  7. J.Lo needs those session singers for a reason.

    I must say I love the session singers on the chorus of Mariah's "Butterfly". It frees up Mariah for ad-libs the entire song.
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  8. Anders Glenmark, who sings the chorus of this. Without his vocals, it would be nothing. It's bizarre that he doesn't get at least a featuring credit.

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  9. She's actually on more TLC songs than Left Eye.
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  10. Legends! My dad had Miriam Stockley's new age album when I was younger. Imagine my surprise to learn she did vocals for Almighty and SAW.

    Both of them, incidentally, appeared on Kylie's Light Years and B*Witched's Awake and Breathe.
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  11. 33 years, and I did not know this!
  12. I didn't either until I read it on wikipedia a few years ago. Before then, I assumed it was Murray Head's 'singing' voice, vs. his speaking voice in the verses, even though they sound somewhat different.
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  13. Off topic, perhaps, but I always wondered who was singing the choruses on Britney's early Max Martin stuff. They did an amazing job.
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  14. I always loved the Lewis Sisters. Linda had her own hits in the 70’s and then Dee and Shirley sang back up for everyone in the 80’s. Shirley is married to Luke Goss.

    Also Claudia Fontaine who is the queen of session singers. You can see her almost every week in the 80’s singing back up on TOTP’s often with her group Afrodiziac which included a pre Soul II Soul Caron Wheeler.

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  15. I loved Afrodiziak! Mainly became aware of them via HoJo. Caron Wheeler has one of the most amazing voices in all recorded music.

    Dee and Shirley Lewis too. Dee's solo album from the 90s is lush.
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  16. Was Caron Wheeler/Afrodiziac in the 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go' video? It looks like her, but I didn't see (unless I missed it) mention of it on wikipedia... you'd think it would be a 'notable' thing worth mentioning if it's her.
  17. Remember when Ester Dean's demo of S&M went viral mislabeled as Justin Bieber.
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  18. Looks a lot like Caron Wheeler but I’m pretty certain it’s Pat Fernandez.

    She and George used to be a ‘couple’ back in the day.
  19. I thought it was well known that Christina Milian who sang the chorus of Play?
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