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Sevdaliza - Shabrang (Second album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. The Empress of Electronica is about to return!

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  2. The single is called Oh My God and it’s out tomorrow.
  3. Oh My Goddess, I’m so excited for this.
    I noticed she’s also playing a festival with Massive Attack headlining in the UK.
    Would love them to collaborate.

    This is the festival: All Points East
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  4. So it begins

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  5. Oh My God video here
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  6. A bop and a half.
  7. I just love that photo of her. So hypnotic.
  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I'm so here for this.
  9. I hope this means a full album is coming.
  10. 'Oh My God' is soooooo good, but I wouldn't expect anything less than excellence from her at this point.
  11. Loving the new single. That ending with the violins is beautiful.

    Do we have any idea of when to expect the second album?
  12. YAS

    I've played the other two so much.
  13. This album is going to be incredible
  14. The new album, "Shabrang" out August 28!

    1. Joanna
    2. Shabrang
    3. Lamp Lady
    4. All Rivers at Once
    5. Habibi
    6. Dormant
    7. Wallflower
    8. Gole Bi Goldoon
    9. Darkest Hour
    10. Oh My God
    11. Eden
    12. Human Nature
    13. No Way
    14. Rhode
    15. Comet
  15. I love that Darkest Hour made it onto the album! But it's weird that Martyr is missing. Also, is this the same Human Nature as on The Calling EP?
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  16. Yes but there are subtle differences to production and vocals.
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