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Severance (Apple TV+) - Adam Scott, Patricia Arquette

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by iRelate, Feb 25, 2022.

  1. Perhaps a tenth episode was contingent on if there'd be a season 2 or not.
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  2. I can't quite place where it was (if at all) or piece the clues together, but I've this nagging feeling there's a slight of hand thing going on with this show, and I'm not absolutely convinced that we've got things the right way around in how we're being invited to experience these characters. The initial set up is that these are people out in the 'real' world who choose to go and work in that building, but part of me wonders if its the other way around. I also find myself wondering what Helly and Mark and Dylan et al are up to this week - I miss them already. There must be a support group for the unsevered who are craving their next Lumon hit?!
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  3. I just finished the whole season in 3 days and holy shit??
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  4. Happy to see more people I know starting to watch this, I feel like it took time for people to catch on - but it seems to be getting more recognition now, deservingly so. The wait for season 2 is going to be seriously agonizing.
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  5. I'm three episodes in and Hally kills me. I'm obsessed with her "toddler on sugar" chaotic vibes.

    The screening process at Lumon for the Severance programme must be dogshit because how did they approve someone who hates authority this much esfdghfgd
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  6. Just finished this and wow what a show! Everything about it works - characters, storyline, mysteries, how’s its shot & directed. That finale was incredible and I am totally ready for Season 2 to land now! I haven’t been this invested in something since Lost aired (by the way thank you @Heartthrob for that essay a few pages back about how incredible Lost was - could not agree more!)
  7. Have you found out who she really is yet?
  8. And perhaps maybe they had 10 episodes plotted but as they developed the actual scripts / edited it to make stronger, cleaner & clearer episodes?
  9. I think the missing episode was probably due to Covid. Production was delayed due to Covid, so maybe they condensed it to make sure everything could be filmed in case there was an outbreak. But I think I got everything I needed with this season so I don't miss the 10th episode.

    For me the best part was finally getting insight into all of the main characters real life. I found it heartbreaking that Hilly has been fighting to get out of the Severance program, but her real self is totally on board. It was a nice contrast to the others and very sad. Here we are rooting for them to get out, but I worry what that would mean for her.
  10. In this interview, Dan Erickson mentions that he had one more episode planned to unpack the events of the ninth episode but Ben Stiller talked him into ending the season on a cliff hanger
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  12. The last episode…. Wigggggg
  13. I just finished the episode with the goats

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  14. I hope this doesn't spiral out of control like Lost, though.

    There's so many plot threads from the first season that haven't been progressed whatsoever. That's great material for a second season... but only if they know what they're doing.
  15. Take it from the last person who brought up Lost, you'll just want to read this:

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  16. It’s a no from me
  17. Can you all please start showing Helly R the respect she deserves?
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  18. I will when her outie stops trying to enslave the world
  19. I finished this show.
    Fucking insane!

    Please Severe me fully until Season 2 comes out.
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  20. This really was mind-bogglingly excellent. Who knew Ben Stiller had such genius in him!

    By the way, if anyone loving this show is also a fan of video games and hasn’t played Control… go and treat yourself.
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