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Sevyn Streeter General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AllStar7, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. Liking the sound of that very much.
  2. "It Won't Stop" is one of the best songs of the year. Between that and K. Michelle's album, I feel like R&B could be a real contender to take over in 2014. Sevyn is immensely talented and I hope she has a bright 2014 ahead of her.
  3. 'B.A.N.S.' and 'Shattered' are incredible. As is 'It Won't Stop', but I'm still mad it took Chris Brown for that masterpiece to take off.
  4. "It Won't Stop" was my summer slowie.
  5. Thanks for making a thread for Sevyn! I completely forgot that the EP's release date is today, just downloaded it now and can't wait to listen to it.
  6. Girl bye at them removing the original It Won't Stop from iTunes.
  7. It was definitely the better version.

    Listened to the EP and am absolutely loving B.A.N.S., the other new songs are pretty good too.
  8. Flockheart

    Flockheart Guest

    She's fab. I hope the Gone ft Sevyn & Eve remix takes off and gives her a bit of a boost.
  9. I've been putting off making this thread so well done you for doing it!

    One of my favourite new artists of 2013 - 'It Won't Stop' really took me by surprised and I'm over the moon at how well it's doing. Sevyn has written some of my favourite songs from the past few years and her voice is superb - she really is insanely talented.

    The EP is fantastic, exactly the sound that I love. 'Come On Over' is purely early '00s goodness, the last minute of 'Sex On the Ceiling' could have been taken from a fabulous 90s R&B album track, 'Call Me Crazy' is schizophrenic and amazing, the immaculately titled 'Bitch Ass Nigga Shit' is a perfect marriage of 90s sounds with the moody emo-R&B of today and 'nEXt' is a certified R&B smash.
  10. I truly think Chris Brown helped elevate the song. I love the original but I think the way Sevyn and Chris play off each other on the duet, it makes for a marvelous R&B collabo.
  11. Eh, never even heard of this girl until browsing on Spotify today. Absolutely fucking love this EP.
  12. AllHipHop interview. Sevyn talks about her previous groups, her love for 90s R&B music and performing with Kelly Rowland at Black Girls Rock.

  13. From the set of her new video for upcoming single Don't Kill The Fun ft. Chris Brown (...yes, again)
    View attachment 2627
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  14. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The new J.Lo and Pitbull.
  15. I've always thought that Sevyn was a cute girl, but she looks gorgeous in that picture. I can really see the Kelendria comparisons.
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  16. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    It's tough because I don't like Chris Brown anymore, but 'It Won't Stop' is an absolute corker.
  17. Don't know if this has been discussed elsewhere but Don't Kill The Fun is brilliant:

    I kinda wish it exploded at the end and the double time beat in the verses reappeared but what a great song.
  18. Listen to the original version she released, without him!
    I'm not really feeling 'Don't Kill The Fun'. It's a real shame because I loved the EP.
  19. Behind the scenes of Don't Kill The Fun video, directed by CB.
    Looking great actually
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