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Sevyn Streeter General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AllStar7, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. @2014 can you make this a general thread sis.
  2. KAE


    Anyone knows from what year are Lights, If, Wicked and Fix Me? (Not the year when they leaked)
  3. So ready for a Sevyn full length, but it's going to annoy me if she doesn't give us a Shoulda Been There Part 2 (shall we call this pulling a "Sky"?)

  4. Video teaser:

    I'm sure it's a mistake on someone's part, but the song is labeled as All My Love on iTunes/Spotify.
    Either way, it's tenfold better than Prolly. Take my money.

    This had a Whitney sample and they couldn't afford it, right?
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  6. This Mike Ho isn't the best director...
    The song is still on repeat though.
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  7. Ridin' round town in your black Impala, with my baby, yeah, that's my partna has become such an earworm for me. Can't believe we're already on a third single, but D4L is quite nice:

    She also made headlines last month when the 76ers wouldn't allow her to sing the National Anthem due to her clothing choice.

    Also, anyone have the T on why the album title changed from Girl Interrupted to Girl Disrupted?
  8. DIS BOP

    New Edition feels.
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  9. Movie industry cunts.
  10. When does her album come out? I love Sevyn but wasn't the album due out today?
  11. She tweeted a few weeks ago about a March delay. I thought the 1/27 date was strange since it also belonged to her label mate Kehlani. At least her tour is still happening? Before I Do is 10/10 btw.

    She was releasing a video per month up to album release, wonder if that's still the case?
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  12. This mix made me do a 180 on D4L:
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  13. I can't believe it's been almost four years since I first heard "It Won't Stop". It's still my favourite song of hers, but I've loved just about everything else I've heard by her. I am very ready for this album.
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  14. Four years?! God that makes me feel old
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  15. I lobe Shea CouleƩ but YASSSSS
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  17. Thank god. Also that cover art........................ is a choice.
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  18. I mean... it's not like any of the covers before it were much better????
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