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Sevyn Streeter General Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AllStar7, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. I'm ready. Is she ready for her 3k sales first week tho?

    Between SZA, H.E.R. and Sevyn, I'll be bopping all summer.
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  2. I cannot believe this is out next week and there is nothing of a promo single now to at least try to make some airwaves.
  3. Really hoping this album pulls through. Her EPs have been so strong, but the epic delay has me worried.
  4. This was quite boring. Especially put to stellar recent releases from Niia, SZA and Kacy Hill.
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  5. Yeah, wasn't overly impressed by this, & I'd been waiting for it for a long time. Living Without a Care, Been a While, & Peace Sign were the only songs that stood out for me.

    Soon As I Get Home getting turned into a flavorless Ciara track was... a choice.
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  6. I've only just started listening to this but I am so happy for her that she's finally got an album out. I've been following her since her days in TG4 - which was 2002!
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  7. I enjoyed the album but I was hoping it would be a We Are King style masterpiece after equally long wait.
  8. The Anything U Want music video came out yesterday:

    It's a bit messy - "featuring" being misspelled in the beginning, choreography being mostly hidden by waist-up shots, Ty on a TV screen with the cheapest background behind him - but there's some extra celebrity appearances by Sorayah, her old Richgirl bandmate Brave and Eric Bellinger.
    It'll work, especially since it needs some sort of visual to help it become that top 40 urban hit.
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  9. Prolly could've fit right after How Many on the tracklist but D4L should stay in its place off the album.
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  10. I was listening to the album this morning. I think my only problem with it, is the second half starts to feel a bit one paced and repetitive. Been A Minute and Translation kind of blend into each other. If Prolly had been put in between them it would have really helped. Things get more interesting with those last three songs which are all so good. It's still a very enjoyable listen, but I was expecting a bit more overall.
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  11. Happy for ha.
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  12. This album was a disappointing mess. She had so much potential (and still does).
  13. Yeah, I got bored of this album pretty quickly. Such a shame after the long wait.
  14. Before I Do is fantastic, I must say. I burned out on the album real quick but that song feels quite timeless.
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  15. It's #1 for a second week this week!
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  17. Recent features:

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  18. Thank you! I wonder if she’s still with Atlantic? That album roll out was fairly tragic.
  19. I’ve been wondering the same thing. She commented on one of her Instagram photos that she’s ‘finally free’. She’s been in the studio since the album dropped last year too but I’m not sure if she was writing for herself.
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  20. New song Yernin will be featured on HBO’s Insecure:

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