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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. The epitome of her selfishness! She irritates me the most in Season 4 but that is also quite a moment. Love Miranda's obvious anger at Berger!
  2. I loved how Miranda openly hated 'The Russian' (I'm not even going to try and spell it) at that awkward as fuck dinner party.

    Samantha obviously stole the show though in that wig and her loud "I think my maid is using my vibrator" line.
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  3. Samantha is my favourite, I loved the character's lack of filter, the way she just said whatever was on her mind at the time, but for the most part she was never rude or offensive about it. She was just candid and honest. I think we could all take lessons from her.

    If I could, I'd rebrand it Samantha, Sex And The City.

    And axe Carrie.
  4. She was amazing in that episode. And I liked her honesty over just why the girls didn't like... The Russian- "We're selfish bitches..."
  5. Kinda want to see Kim Cattrall's new play in London even though she's my pet hate.
  6. How can you hate such perfection?! Her voice is everything and she is amazing in Star Trek VI. Vulcan Ice Queen.
  7. I saw her in a play once, where she played someone who was bed-ridden. She spent the whole time talking from a bed- and was amazing. So much presence- the critics even loved her.
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  8. I've been thinking about it and I think another installment could only really work if they really committed to an actual story and actually did a few more episodes like The X-Files.
    Bring in the writers from the tv days and do something just for fun, not money.

    That's why the second season of The Comeback was so much fun and I would hope that that taught Michael Patrick King a lesson.
  9. I think they should just... leave it.
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  10. That would probably be for the best but sigh....I still love the TV show so much.
  11. It breaks my heart that the franchise could end with the second film (The Carrie Diaries doesn't count even if Carrie's GBF was powerfully erotic). It deserves better.
  12. Unfortunately, The Carrie Diaries turned into a great show just as it got cancelled.

    The rubik's cube episode, however..........
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  13. I looooooved The Carrie Diaries.

    It was silly and of course not in any way on the same level as the mother show but oh my God, was it ever fun.
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  14. MB


    The Carrie Diaries really was just getting going when they stupidly cancelled it! Even one more season would have been amazing -as long as it focussed more on New York and less about her annoying friends/family.
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  15. I was freaking pressed when they got it cancelled. Following the news, my friend and I were ranting for hours about how The CW only cares about their super heroes/vampires/werewolves/whatever shows, which is what tweens are into now. Shows like Gossip Girl and Carrie Diaries unfortunately don't bring the same amount of viewers, money and attention for the network.
  16. I'm happy this thread got bumped. It's brought back many amazing memories! These days you seemingly can't read an article on Girls or Broad City (both of which I adore, mind you) without the writer slating Sex And The City at some point, which seems unfair. Of course it's not an accurate, 100% realistic depiction of New York life, but surely that's not a crime?

    The tantric sex class, though. Geri Halliwell's camp cameo. Samantha's lesbian phase. Single and fabulous... question mark. Bunny MacDougal. The list goes on... When the show got it right, it got it so wonderfully right. Season 5 is the only weak spot for me, but season 6 is a master class in ending a television series on a high note. The episode where Samantha bluntly announces that she has breast cancer and Miranda finally gets married to Steve might be my favourite.

    The movies, eh. To me they're what Never Say Never Again is to the Bond franchise.
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  17. For those of us that enjoyed The Carrie Diaries I think we were lucky it even got renewed for the second season, a third season would have been a miracle had it happened.
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  18. Lindsay Gort as Samantha in TCD was a revelation. She looked, sounded and acted exactly like Kim to the point where it was genuinely unnerving yet brilliant.

    Just give me a show that focuses entirely on Samantha in the late 80s/early 90s and let me LIVE.
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  19. The Samantha Diaries would have been insumountably more interesting.
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  20. The tone of The Carrie Diaries felt wildly inconsistent and the piss poor casting for some of the characters didn’t help. Carrie, Sebastian, Walt, Maggie, Tom and Samantha were all I cared about, Mouse, Dorritt, Donna, Larissa could all burn.
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