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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. For a show that was clearly so much about aesthetics, it certainly had a great deal of heart. There were so many touching moments, e.g. Charlotte's weddings (both of them- the first really highlighted what amazing friends they all were), Miranda insisting to talk about Samantha's cancer at her's- it was really bad taste but Samantha responding to Charlotte with 'Thanks, I have cancer,' was hilarious (it was Kim's delivery).

    Charlotte absolutely hammered on the Staten Island ferry also had me chuckling.
  2. The episode where Miranda's mother dies always makes me cry especially when she gets upset whilst shopping for a new bra, and then when Samantha breaks down during the service.

    Even though I'm not a fan of the movies, there's that bit in the first film after Carrie hits Big over the head with her wedding flowers; Charlotte grabs hold of Carrie and shouts "NO!" at Big when he steps towards them... seeing how protective Charlotte gets always makes me emotional.
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  3. But if you think about it, Big had changed his mind so if Charlotte hadn't emotionally cock blocked him, he might have been able to explain that to Carrie and get on with the wedding.

  4. The way Charlotte wiggles off in that dress kind of ruins her point...
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  5. Oh, and I totally agree that Carrie should have just listened to Big and got on with the wedding - it's one the reasons why I don't like the film; the whole thing seems like a waste of time to me, like it's just drama for the sake of it, but it doesn't stop me getting emotional seeing Charlotte act all protective over her.

    The way she walks off though does makes me laugh; it doesn't matter how angry she is, the dress prevents her from properly storming off.
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  6. Chuckling at Miranda once having the hots for a man in a sandwich costume.
  7. Isn't the whole series? Almost any series, for that matter?

    I see your point, though. I've always felt they should've married there and that's it, but that's not Carrie at all. Of course she wouldn't miss the opportunity for big time drama, even though Big did worse in the past (and honestly it wasn't like she didn't see it coming, as Carrie herself admitted she was, in fact, terrified of simply saying it out loud and ruin the whole thing).
  8. I loved the earlier years, but when Carrie cut her hair and got all annoying over a pimple, she just became this monster that then filtered back into the perception of her in earlier episodes. Its kind of hard to watch SATC now because of it. If I could edit out solo-Carrie scenes from every episode I would enjoy rewatching it much more.
  9. Hmm... I sort of agree with her supposedly melodramatic reaction over Big nearly pulling out of the wedding. I wouldn't have gone through with it either if someone tried that stunt.

    Suddenly the Carrie is me.
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  10. I think sometimes it's to do with how the drama is handled. Don't get me wrong, the Big drama had me gripped whilst watching the TV show but the fact that she never spoke to him, not even once, before the film ending (months and months after the wedding) seemed... a little unbelievable in a way (unless I'm forgetting a bit. Please correct me if I'm wrong it's been a while since I've seen it). He only emailed her and that was it, knowing Carrie was never big on using technology anyway? eh?

    I know it's only a film. hehe.
  11. That episode where Carrie drags Samantha across America to San Francisco to have sex with Big is hilarious. Samantha shit faced in champagne because she couldn't get laid herself, Carrie forcing her out of the tub and then Big doing everything not to have sex with her. I scream every time.

    And I also love the episode with Miranda's mothers funeral. Samantha breaking down in the church sets me off every single time.
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  12. One of my favorite Carrie's delusional moments through the entire series is when she losts Aidan's dog and manages to make a emotional turning point for herself. Sweetie, you've lost a freaking dog. No.
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  13. Sophia Lamar, one of my icons, ripped into Sex And The City fairly recently. She basically said that it ruined fashion because it spawned 'fashionistas', the bloggers who don't know anything about fashion but blindly follow labels and parties.
  14. ''I wanna know who's getting on and who's getting me off."
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  15. When will your faves?

    I don't recall an episode where Samantha didn't absolutely steal the show.
  16. I love the bit where Carrie finds out about Big's engagement and she starts singing in the restaurant with Miranda and Charlotte; Samantha, who doesn't know what's going on, is hilarious with her reaction to it.
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  17. Samantha was amazing, but Charlotte could occasionally give her a run for her money! "Dammit, I just wanna be...!"
  18. I love the episode where Samantha and Smith spend the entire episode doing role playing.
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  19. My favourite boyfriend is Berger and everyone hates me for it. I think the post-it was genius! Aiden is a close second and then Big, I guess. I think I'm too pragmatic to get invested in a tragic, all-consuming love like Big.
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  20. Aiden always bugged the hell out of me. Carrie and Big were meant to be. They just needed to drag it out as the central premise of the shows storyline less it all goes south like in Moonlighting - pairing up the main romantic couple too early in the run.

    I'm more of a Miranda in everything in my life (except cats and dealing with exes).
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