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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. To be honest, the Sex and the City name is more of a hindrance than a help at this point for any spin-off.

    The Carrie Diaries was a very cute coming of age show that was held back by the constant comparisons in tone and continuity to the original series.

    There is a lot of potential to tell the stories of older women, but tagging on the Sex and the City name is just going to limit the writers. No matter what they create it will never be the bottled lightning of the HBO series, and that is just going to sour critics and viewers. The show is so influential - any series about single women is inevitably going to be a pastiche to Carrie and her friends - they can still do it without the suffocating expectations which comes with the brand.

    They - and us - just need to let it go. There's a point where resuscitation becomes necrophilia.
  2. This is exactly why everything's tainted for me... Like... Just enjoy it for what it was and get over it.

    Worded perfectly.
  3. It still annoys me that Carrie met Samantha first in The Carrie Diaries while Sex and the City 2 starts with showing her becoming friends with Samantha last out of the four.
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  4. Very sloppy!
  5. Dick Spurt or whatever he’s called in the SATC2 is fucking so fit!

    As is Nicky, who lays concrete.

  6. But then again, I try to forget the second movie in it's entirety, so... What bothers me more is the fact that it was implied in the series that Carrie's father left her family when she was younger and in the Carrie Diaries it is the mother who has died and she is raised by her father.

    I do however think Bushnell has the right to write the stories for her characters the way she wants to. Overtime it has become very clear that her view on Carrie and that Michael Patrick Kind are quite different. Sometimes I like her vision more, sometimes his. It really depends.
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  7. Carrie is awful in any incarnation, and that's the T.
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  8. I hate the "Carrie is awful"-narrative that is oh so popular nowadays.
    She had the worst taste in men, but really -looking at the trash that I've been dating; who am I to judge?! Self-centered? Well so be it. Many tv characters are, escpecially protagonists. I still found her funny and endearing. And even her self-centerdness was relatable sometimes.
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  9. The HBO show is iconic. Carrie is so awful, which makes the few moments where she is in the right all the more amazing. It's fucking fantastic and perfect, and even the two movies can't taint it.
  10. I've been rewatching this and I forgot how utterly enjoyable it is. I'm on season 5 and it's hysterical. Finished the Cover Girl episode last night.

    "I will wear whatever and blow whomever I want for as long as I can breathe and kneel."
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  11. i.LOVE.DB Boulevard-Point of View

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  12. Whenever I meet a fellow SATC fan, there's the inevitable question 'Oh, are you a Samantha? Or a Miranda?'. The disappointment when I say 'Actually, I'm a Carrie'. Yeah, I know, ok?
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  13. Poor you
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  14. MB


    I think I was the only one who liked the Carrie diaries. I was gutted it got cancelled, especially as the character and actress who played “young” Samantha were so good!
  15. Season 2 was such a glow up compared to the first; I wouldn’t have been mad at it getting another year.
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  16. I loved The Carrie Diaries. I think it served it's purpose well, and was written and produced perfectly for it's target demo. I'd have loved to have seen another series or two.
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  17. I re-watched the show not so long ago, And was surprised to see how Miranda was actually the most rounded and believable character. while the others were fun but over the top and caricatures at times, Miranda was mostly a normal person. She had a little bit from each one of her friends. I guess that's why she's usually considered the least interesting or popular, but I found her the most relatable.
    As for Carrie - yeah, she was the worst. But it was still fun hate-watching her scenes though :)
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  18. My college housemate once angrily told me I was such a Miranda while I was attempting to talk him out of some messy behaviour (he obviously identified as a Carrie). As it turns out, being Miranda is a good thing.
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  19. I don’t find Carrie that insufferable in the show. Movie Carrie is abhorrent, obviously, but I generally like show Carrie for the most part.

    Agreed re. the main characters bar Miranda being caricatures.
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  20. I think I've seen every episode at least 5 times and I never get tired of it. I could randomly rewatch the series for the rest of my life.
    Anyways... the reason I looked for this thread is that my friend just told me I am a Charlotte. And I am disgusted... mostly because I 100% agree.
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