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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. I have the shoebox. It is one of my prized possessions.
  2. Wierd, those are my favourite episodes too! I love the running joke about her backing up her hard drive throughout. Brilliant.
    I have the original shoebox, it's lovely but the new box they released last year is much prettier.
  3. I've just realised that my boxset is a shoebox. I AM AN IDIOT.
  4. The finale is magnificent. The You Got The Love bit at the end - PERFECT.
  5. The shoebox is gorgeous, I am tempted by the new boxset because of the bonus disc with actual special features (something that practically lacked through the series) and as stupid a reason as the disc's in the new version look nicer. I prefer the look of the shoebox though, it's so gorgeous!

    I find it difficult to pick my absolute favourite episodes of the show as I pretty much love it all, though Samantha's 'I'm dating a guy with the funkiest tasting spunk' has to be one of my ultimate favourite lines ever. Actually everything that comes out of Sam's mouth is pure gold.

    'Who are you Goldicocks?'
    'I'm looking for one that's jusssst right'
  6. The filming for the next MUST be kicking off soon for a May release right?
  7. I find Sam to be the perfect personality; she does whatever (the fuck) she wants but whatsmore she has her 'no judging' rule so everyone can do the exact same.

    I love when she meets Mary-Ann, the fiesty Texan (?) who ends up blowing a guy in a restaurant.

    "Why I could just eat you up. Yes, I could. I'm gownna eat you up! AHHHHHHHAAAA"
  8. August apparently:

    According to Production Weekly the sequel will begin filming on August 19 in New York City. The production will remain in the Big Apple for two months before moving to London, England for two weeks of additional filming.

    - Production Weekly.
  9. Charlotte was great because she always got herself into the most ridiculous situations:

    - Goes to famous artist guy's house and ends up having him paint her bits - love it when his wife says "I bet you have a lovely cunt, dear"
    - Gets crabs of some twentysomething guy
    - The episode when she tries to date Mr Pussy
    - Her dog gets gang-banged in the park so she won't speak to her

    Etc. All my favourite moments! The movie was so disappointing because all that happened to Charlotte was:

    - She pooed herself
    - She had a baby (such a cop-out!)

    Oh yeah and agree that Carrie is massively irritating, I absolutely hate her and the crazy way she drives men away. She holds the show together tho...
  10. One of the best Charlotte moments is when she is in the shower getting "lathered up", then comes out and yells at Trey with shampoo still in her hair. Oh, and of course- "Trey! I'm on the mallard!"

    Trey is one of my favorite minor characters. "But I'm juicy now!" is one of the best lines in the whole show.
  11. I always find that most people's least favourite character is Carrie, because as some of you have said above she is so whiny and annoying.
    Best Samantha moment for me is in season 3 when shes visits the fireman at work. Amazing!
    Can't wait for the next movie.
  12. Carrie is the worst because she is self obsessed, even when the others are going through massive problems, her relationship bullshit must take precedence. And she has a SOUL SPLITTING scream.
  13. And she hyperventilates when she tries on a wedding dress! Knob.
  14. I'm so fucking glad I'm not the only one who finds Carrie really pisses me off. I mean I like her but next to Miranda, Charlotte and of course Samantha she's just so whiny and self indulgent/self obsessed. I loved the moment when Miranda scolded her for wanting to always talk about her relationships and Big and that she wasn't going to put up with that anymore, I breathed easily after that.

    When she comforted Miranda at her mothers funeral was beautiful though, at least she wasn't talking about herself for those few moments.
  15. She really does!
  16. Ugh, and when she throws up upon seeing Aidan's engagement ring. FUCKING DRAMA QUEEN.
  17. On one hand this means we will have episodes where some focus can be on the other girls (the sequel failed to impress as there was just no excuse for making it all about Carrie yet again). But on the other, I actually would have preferred a movie where they would really have to address the problems of the sequel, rather than just continue back. I'm just not sure. However, any steady work for Kim is fine by me, and I really want to see her aged porn star film but suspect it's not nearly as trashtastic as it might first sound.
  18. Oh I hope this is true but then I'm scared it could be bad.
  19. Sounds like a truly awful idea, although probably better than another awful movie.
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