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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. I think this has such a high potential to be a mess. Leaving aside the problematic approach to race, SATC 2 also highlighted that it is incredibly difficult to build empathy for four exceptionally wealthy white women, who have 40 costume changes each in a short movie, with no real "problems" to speak of. I think this is as big of a hurdle for them to overcome as it is to somehow work around the loss of a beloved character.

    Also the proposed title is terrible.
  2. What kind of 'show about NY buildings' terrible teaser.
    All it's missing is Fran Lebowitz.

    BUT as a so and so flop stan I'm perched.
    I hate watched the original series and detest the movies so I have nothing to lose.
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  3. Looking at that teaser, I guess they will slow down with the costume changes and try a "realer" approach to the living in the city-theme. That said, Patti needs to be back!

    I've made peace with the fact that Kim Cattrall would never return to anything Sex and the City-related ages ago (after the "could have been nicer" interview there was really no going back) and still the idea of a possible return always had me a little bit excited. And even if it's bad - so what? The second movie hasn't tainted my view on the original show at all. Let me remain cautiously optimistic.

    Oh, and please no B*g. Thank you.
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  4. This has to be the first time I've seen SATC2 described as a short movie. Whenever I'm back at the cinema where I watched it, I'm half tempted to pop my head round the door and make sure it isn't still going on.

    Anyway, this is a rubbish idea and I'm out.

    (except I'm probably going to end up watching it, and spending every second hating myself for doing so)
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  5. The new title is a hot, boring
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  6. BTG


    The potential for this to be incredibly tone deaf is so high that I find it impossible to believe that production and/or SJP won’t be aware of it and try to course correct.

    With America in the state it’s currently in, the antics of three wealthy white women, untouched by the economy or politics, won’t fly at all. So, if the name change is an attempt to say that it’s not the SATC viewers know, then I’m cautiously perched to see how they attempt to turn it around.

    I think @Smooth Criminal is right in saying that’s the real hurdle here. Characters can be substituted (although good luck to a Samantha replacement) but seeing vacuous white women just being vacuous white women would be disastrous.
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  7. My expectation is that they will make Carrie a widow and Charlotte will have somehow fallen on hard-times financially. I can't see how else they would reinvent the characters and create new stories to tell.
  8. BTG


    I hope Lily is a woke queen who goes in on her mother’s white lady shit.
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  9. Fanbases tend to HATE when characters reappear a decade later and their lives have reasonably moved on by 10 years (they seem to think that legacy characters should be exactly where we left them, erm, no) but this show will NEED them to be in different places to avoid the above.
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  10. He


    Just make woke Charlotte canon.
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  11. I'm ashamed to say that i've only seen the 2nd movie, but this excited me to properly start it.
  12. Part of me also feels that Cynthia Nixon wouldn't have signed on to do this if some changes hadn't been done to be more aware of the current times, but who knows.
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  13. Have you seen The Ratched?
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  14. The TV series and the movies are two separate entities to me. They scaled up for the movies and the characters, that had 6 years to pad out and add depth throughout the seasons, were caricatures of those people - especially in the second movie.

    The costumes, the storylines (or lack thereof) were amped up for the big screen too. In the TV show, it was only Carrie and perhaps Samantha that would have several outfits per show and be wearing couture. Miranda spent the majority of the series in sweatpants.

    I think they’re looking for a show runner that can bring the magic of the series back and there’s definite opportunity to bring in some diversity to the casting. I think they’ll learn from the mistakes they made in the second movie and I really don’t think they’ll be as tone deaf to strip any depth out to make it about 3 rich white women - if they do that, it deserves to flop but i’m at least giving it a chance.
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  15. And just like that ... we got what we didn’t want.
    (I’m still a big fan of the show, but after the movies, I’m weary at the prospect of new SATC - especially without Samantha.)

    Okay but if Lexi hadn’t fallen to her death (iconique, though), she could have been a potential Samantha substitute in this reboot, spin-off (, mistake), ... whatever we’re calling it.
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  16. I haven't but... I guess

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  17. Sex And The City without Queen Kim? Not in my 2021/2022. Not here for Carrie being a self involved entitled white princess again making tragic life choices.
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  18. Why am I predicting that they will do an episode on cancel culture, about one of Carrie's problematic columns coming back to haunt her in 2021, as a way of ham-fistedly addressing the way some of the show has aged ddddd
  19. They should have just gone down the Mutya Keisha Siobhan route and called it 'Carrie Charlotte Miranda' and then in their teasers just had the caption 'soon'.

    Seriously though, I'm interested in this but that's about it. I'll no doubt watch it (but then I'd probably watch another movie too, just because it couldn't be as terrible as SATC 2 right?)

    They just need to get some female writers involved, give the characters something to do, something to say... otherwise it will end up being about as interesting as The Hills reboot.
  20. Its just going to be tone deaf isn't it?
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