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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. I enjoyed Divorce but I don't think it ever really settled on what it wanted to be. SJP and Thomas Haden Church were such a great pairing though, I'd happily see them in something else.
  2. I would take a spin-off with Molly Shannon's character.
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  3. Same. It’s a shining light on a very rocky resume.
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  4. For a long time I've believed the first season of The Comeback was good because it had Mike Schur (creator of Parks and Recreation, The Good Place) as a co-producer, but then the second season was also good so maybe it's best to just give queen Lisa Kudrow all the credit for that show.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Even her role on that Netflix thing 'Death to 2020' is iconic. She really is one of a kind. Web Therapy remains amazing too. Julia Louis Dreyfus as her sister and Lily Tomlin as her Mom. Great stuff.

    "You're like a celebrity at the insane asylum" dddd.
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  7. Web Therapy was/is amazing.
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  8. Then who is the new 5th? As they always called the city the 5th character I thought.
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  9. Maybe Liza's doing a reprise.
  10. Island

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    It’s Geri.
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  11. The viewer
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    "And you're the lady at home who watches it"
  13. She is so annoying.
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  14. Honestly this was my immediate thought when I saw you said this. Well done gang.

    As I congratulated a forum user on posting one of the 12 references I understand. I couldn't help but wonder how I am going to try and make And just like that happen.

    And just like that, it hit me, like that bus that hit Samantha.
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  15. Have they ruled out just recasting Samantha?
  16. They should get Jess Glynn to open for them!!
  17. I don't think they's specifically addressed that as an option, which makes me believe they've rightly ruled it out.
  18. The friends we made along the way.
  19. The fifth harmony is you, the fans!
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