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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Not sure how it works in the US, but over here some of the jokes are needlessly - and clumsily - edited out for daytime viewing. The 'shark porn' episode, in particular, has to be seen to be believed.
  2. Friends is on at all times of the day here, but yeah they are hacked to pieces.

    I couldn't imagine Sex & The City on during the day, what do they leave in? the opening & closing credits?
  3. There's probably still a - Carrie lying on her bed, typing and thinking : I couldn't help but wonder....' - in between them.
  4. Friends aired during the day for all its run in France... Maybe the jokes were toned down in french.
  5. Europeans just don't care.
  6. Censoring Friends in the day? What? E4 certainly doesn't do that with the 68 episodes that they play daily.
  7. I don't like that episode so the hacking probably improved it. Shark porn, I ask you...
  8. They do, they play the syndicated versions, not the original versions.
  9. LJB


    How an Earth is it Racist or Homophobic? I thought it was very sensative to the Middle East - as sensitive as you're going to get from 4 independent, fashion enthusiast New York women. The 'Abdul' taunts were a bit lazy, I mean elephant in the room anyone? Best to leave the 'gay' stone completely unturned if you're going to create a film in Sharia territory. That joke was just clumsy. But the wedding was fun!

    I just feel the second film completely caricatures the entire franchise. Instead of any development or transactional narrative, it's a camp showcase of girl talk, fashion and money that arduously goes round and round in circles. The worst offenders are the 'walking through the dunes' scene and the 'kareoke' scene.
  10. There's this prop 8 situation going on at the time the film is made. One of the main arguments of the people for prop 8 (and thus against gay marriage) is that gay marriage demoralizes marriage and that it changes the definition of marriage and what it stands for.

    Oh, hey. Let's get Stanford and Anthony married, although they're settling for each other because they can't find someone else. And oh also, One of them is allowed to cheat when he wants to and he will...why not ?! Let's give those prop 8 people something what they want and show them how non-conformist and de-evaluating a gay marriage would be.

    And well...there's also this war going on in the middle-east, so why let's not show those tyrant pigs how ridiculous their religious rules are that we don't get. Let's go there and disrespect them by throwing condoms in our face. Everybody should belong to the big West. But oh wait : THEY DO. They're just pretending to be all strict and religious and stuff : they're wearing western outfits under their religious robes. Of course. Everybody wants to be American.
    Let's go bomb another one of their countries and "free" the people.
  11. Just starting watching this now. I like it but it's a bit strange how everyone acts as if Carrie's the most beautiful thing under the sun and is constantly mentioning her looks when she's really very unusual looking. And she needs to wear a bra.
  12. MM


    Do you really see it that way? I think the differences issues is a big white elephant like poverty in South America: It looks pedant if you mention it as an outsider; it looks pretentious if you ignore it. I think you are just pushing it too far with the Preposition 8 talk as well.

    Considering it was an American film, I'm quite surprised it wasn't more caricatural. It's funny because I watched it with an American friend and he said he felt it was extremely offensive — for the Americans, as it portrayed them all as a bunch of airheads that had no clue of what was going around in the rest of the world.
  13. Get used to that, though she's the only one who never gets em' out.
  14. One of the worst and most offensive films i have ever seen

  15. wow. This film really was not that bad. I actually want a third, although I know it wont happen.
  16. duckface

    duckface Guest

    No. Just... no.
  17. So I finally watched the second movie and it really is a bad film. I don't mind the first hour when they're still in New York but when they go abroad it just falls apart and I was clock watching wondering how much longer was left.

    The first film had heart and more importantly a story to tell whereas I feel this just didn't. It's just a string of unfunny and I have to admit quite offensive set pieces. I hope this doesn't kill the franchise as I believe there are more stories to tell but I know I will never watch this film again.
  18. Ok why is there a lack of Miranda love on here?! She is just amazing, I love how cynical and sarcastic she is, and is always the one to call Carrie out when she's being a douche (which is 99% of the time). I do love Samantha too, the sitches she gets herself into are TV gold!

    Charlotte is completely 'meh' to me, never really invested in her character and didn't buy her whole naivety and innocence thing she had going on. And Carrie is great in small doses but everytime I heard 'I couldn't help but wonder' I wanna take that macbook and obliterate her face with it.
  19. I stan for the "I couldnt help but wonders".
  20. I feel like if you took the best bits from the first movie and the few good bits from the second you'd be left with a universally acclaimed follow up to the series. Both movies were panned by critics - the second more so - and rightfully so really.

    I love Miranda!
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