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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Americans, and British people to be honest, don't really think about it like that. It's not that deep, it's like saying you wish all hypocondriacs came with a neon sign. People are verbally flippant in everyday life about a lot of serious subjects - it's when they tweet them they realise that some things are better left in the moment, or simply left unsaid.
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  2. First half of your comment aside, the show definitely finds its stride mid-Season 2.

    Although, I would still say Season 1 is an absolute delight.
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  3. The discussion between the four girls in the cab about whether Charlotte should do anal makes me laugh so hard every time! “I DONT WANT TO BE MRS. UP THE BUTT!”
  4. I just started watching this. Wish me luck.
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  5. Despite myself, I'm going to start a rewatch now that I've got a hold of the HD transfers. I can deal with the time capsule back to late 90s culture but the absolute cringe at the young gays I knew back then who had a livejournal and wanted to be Carrie so badly that they signed off their posts with variations of "I couldn't help but wonder". I'm on episode three.
  6. Thinking of the "wanted to be Carrie so badly" - it wasn't just the gays. Every time you got four straight women together, there would be three of them thinking they are Carrie and one thinking she's either Charlotte (if really romantic) or Samantha (particularly sexually adventurous). In reality, you were looking at three Mirandas and a Samantha.

  7. Basically this then. Ddd
  8. Burned through season one in an afternoon.

    The camera ADORES Kim Cattrall from her first scene.

    I forgot how unlikeable Miranda starts off and just how naive Charlotte was (I get it, she's the audience replacement whenever something needs an explanation) but it's hard to repeatedly believe a 32-year old who hangs around with a sex columnist was that uninformed in 1998.

    I know that the show didn't really start to live in its world-building until the third season but it would have been nice if more of the early character actors returned later, there's wayyy too many one-time characters who Carrie implies are big parts of her life. Not just QUEEN Amalita, but also baby shower Laney and the bride Brooke who returned the bad candles to a shop which only seems to stock the exact same candle. Hell, I'd have even appreciated a call back to The Turtle.

    We've discussed many times in this thread all of the things that have dated (and there are many) from the show, but they are really tone-deaf with the (really fucking cute) guy who films himself having sex with models without their consent. That shoulda been considered gross creepy teenage boy behaviour, but the show plays it as "omg you are so cheeky".

    I'm Miranda. (I actually had a date who died before the date too, but I've not got to that episode yet)
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  9. I love iconic Laney and the Baby Shower episode from season 1 is one of my all time favourites.

    Samantha is hilarious in her delivery when Charlotte tells her Laney has stolen her baby name, she just turns to Laney and says “You Bitch, we’re leaving”. It gets me everytime and I think about that scene so much recently as all my straight friends start reproducing in high numbers and I have to sit through excruciatingly boring baby showers
  10. Now mid-way through season three, and boy does Sex and the City share A LOT of actors with The Sopranos.
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  11. .........................
  12. “What was that?”
    “A preview.”

    Kills me every time!

    (I’m sorry, but I feel like this announcement warrants all caps.)
  14. It isn’t Nina Katz but I’ll take it
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  15. She is looking fantastic too. Colour me interested

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  16. Natasha, queen of neutrals and minimalism, putting up a fight against oppressive wood because nobody else will.

    Her "last" scene was so iconique, though. I mean, talk about a seminal Sex and the City moment. She totally eviscerated Carrie with her "I'm sorry" monologue - and frankly, who can blame her? Carrie selfishly coming to ask for Natasha's forgiveness just so she could sleep better at night - and stop herself from getting shoe-mugged, ddd - but getting her ass handed to her instead ... whilst said ass was clad in that also very iconique Dior newspaper dress. A chef's kiss moment if ever there was one.
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  17. I always grimace at the glimpse we get of Natasha's bloody mouth on the stairwell. This show went hard sometimes.
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  18. I did background work when they were filming one of Che's scenes last week and the writing is certainly......... something
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