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Sex and the City General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. I remember watching Looking and feeling like I hated Patrick.
    And then my poor self esteem said 'you hate him because he's you'.
  2. Hahaha it’s such a horrible realisation!
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  3. Self obsessed white gays really saw their ass with Patrick ddd.
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  4. They do say representation matters!!!
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  5. WB is finally putting the Series out on Bluray on November 2nd, 2021 with the two films included.


    Obviously the Blus are sourced from the new 4K masters that were put on HBOMAX a few months ago.
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  6. I just bought the complete series on digital, but that set looks tempting.
  7. It would be a lot more tempting without that second movie!
  8. MB


    Where can I purchase this collection?
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  9. I'm so glad I put off my rewatch, can't wait to see it in 4K.
  10. Great picture of SJ! I have the original dvd box set in that giant pink book, but otherwise this would be very tempting.
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  11. For anyone interested the UK set comes without the movies and is much cheaper:

  12. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.
    Maybe society truly moved past the need for new Sex and the City afterall, when it presents itself like this...
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  13. What’s wrong with it?
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  14. Didn't we already know? Or are we talking about the cigar and the drink emoji?
  15. Mr Big repulses me. I think it speaks volumes that his real name is something so ordinary as John.

    On a different note, the NY tourism ads in the show along the lines of “where else in the world can you find…”. A lot of other cities that are infinitely more interesting and beautiful than New York.
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  16. Perched for the majesty that is Queen Samantha/Dame Kim in 4K.
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  17. Our first little teaser of And Just Like That… A New Chapter Of Sex And The City
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  18. Those Blu-ray's certainly look more appealing than


    Like, what happened to Miranda's neck and arm and Carrie's left leg?!
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  19. The packaging was soooo shitty as well
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  20. The plastic sleeves broke so quickly, very 00s aesthetic though.
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