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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Charlotte is my fave, id marry her in a second.

    Miranda would be my best friend, she reminds me of one of my close friends who now lives abroad (who I miss a lot) & I know we would just hit it off.

    Samantha & I would be a dangerous combination.

    Carrie id throw under a bus, probably the one with her ad on the side.
  2. MM


    Miranda is the most likeable in a sense that if I could picture myself having a conversation with these women, she'd be the one I could get better along with. I love Samantha but the fact they made her all about sex (even when she got cancer it was all mostly about how it affected her sex life) turned her into one of those flat, caricatural characters. The same can be said about Charlotte, but for different reasons. I love her too. Carrie is just too adolescent for me to tolerate. In fact, I now that I think about it, the reason why I like the second movie more than the first is probably because it isn't as Carrie-centred as it's predecessor.
  3. In the series, my favourite was Samantha. But Miranda has always been the most realistic and probably the most likeable.
  4. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I remember I fucking hated Carrie. Such a pampered, whiny brat. That episode where Aiden takes her up to the cabin I wanted to slap her.

    And then the Vogue incident. "Woe is me! I'm losing my apartment, but a well paid writing gig at VOGUE FUCKING MAGAZINE has landed at my feet. But wait, you want to edit my first draft before you publish it? What horror! I'm quitting! Since when do articles get edited before they are published in magazines!"

    Samantha and Miranda for the win.
  5. Was SJP paid the most of the four women or was it like Friends where they all secured equal salaries?

    It really frustrated me how the series never really managed to move past Carrie being the main character. Especially because the other women surpassed her immensely in terms of likeability, and I wish more storylines had been fleshed out; Sam's cancer, Steve's mom's dementia, etc.
  6. SJP was definitely paid more. I think part of the reason the first movie took as long as it did was because Kim wouldn't sign up until she got a fair salary compared to Sarah.
  7. But that was the point, Carrie represented an actual "real" person, the other 3 were merely caricatures of different type of women. Carrie was easily the most developed character, and that is even what the author said, on why it focused on her.

    She was never my favorite, but I understood why she was the lead.
  8. Actually Miranda is probably the most fleshed character. We are given details about her upbringing and her family. We know nothing of Carrie such as why she squees and wears tutus well into her 30s. Carrie often presents herself in a very childlike way and we have no idea why.
  9. We may know more about Miranda, but she had a very "specific" role on the show. She wasn't your everyday girl, and she wasn't the most relatable either. Carrie was flawed, I may know a Miranda, and I may know a Charlotte,..but I know 100 Carrie's.

    The other girls were simply constructs of different types of women "roles", while Carrie was a creation of all 3 and then some. And that is why they focused on her.
  10. She wasn't an amalgamation of the other 3 though. She wasn't sexually liberated, career driven nor did she crave children. She just wanted a man to take care of her, I think they should have explored her family, particularly her father. It would have made her less paper thin as a character.
  11. I would say she was very sexually liberated (she wrote a newspaper column that was partly focused on sex), and their is a difference between liberated and what Samnatha was. And she was totally career driven, you don't go from writing a simple sex/relationship column to writing multiple not being career driven. No it wasn't the focus of her life, but she was certainly driven in her career. And Charlotte didn't crave children till the latter end of the series...she basically wanted "a man to take care of her" up until she and Harry got together.

    And that was the point I was making, she was the extreme (i.e. caricature) of any of those type (Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte) you just mentioned, but they were apart of her. And that is always what Candace Bushnell has maintained, cause it was based on her.
  12. People equate being a loser in relationships and liking shoes= IM SO [email protected]~
  13. MM


    To me, being 'so Carrie' would mean being a self-obsessed brat that turns anything their friends might want to share into a conversation about herself.
  14. Lord take me now, haha!!
  15. Thank you guys!
  16. I have always found it weird that despite being the main character, we know virtually nothing about Carrie's upbringing, virtually nothing about her, though I guess the same could be said about Samantha.

    SJP was on a much bigger salary than the other three, it was once reported she was on three times as much as the other three, that was without her producer fee as well, though I think it was on the Jonathan Ross show where Kim Cattrall said, as they were on HBO, they didn't get syndication deals, so what they earned at the time, was all they got paid per episode.

    Though I doubt any of them will be pleading poverty any time soon, I wonder if that's the case with all HBO shows?
  17. Sex and the City, while I like it, has never been a programme I've ever felt the need to buy the DVDs for. I'm always happy to see it once in a while on Fiver and that's it.
  18. I'm thinking of stealing my sister's box set.

    The movie is quite fun to watch with the extended scenes - what I would have found tedious in the cinema I appreciate watching it like it's the tv show. I've yet to finish watching the DVD version as I always put it on really late at night.
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