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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Michael Patrick King came out and said no one is dead or dies on the series (he specifically mentioned Big, Samantha and Stanford). He also said each episode is 43-45 minutes long because it’s 7 storylines to juggle.
  2. 10 episodes at 45 minutes is more or less the same overall running time that a standard 18 episode Sex and the City season of 25 mins per installment, so we're not being short-changed at all. Glad to hear this.
  3. I'm happy we have this to help take away the nasty taste in my mouth that the second movie left behind. Sex and The City really wasn't made for the movies.

  4. I assume it was this and yeah, looks great. Also thrilled to finally see a fucking scene on the subway. Half my daily life anecdotes happen on the 1 train and they acted like it didn’t exist the entire time.
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  5. I read an opinion piece on SATC a few days ago and until they brought it up I hadn't even realised that other than that one time Carrie took the bus (with her poster on it) they NEVER did public transport. People talk about Carrie's shoe budget but noone mentioned her cab fares.
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  6. It is very much giving Gloria Steinem by way of Carrie Bradshaw and, honestly, I’m here for it.

    I can’t believe the And Just Like That premiere is only 4 sleeps away. Weren’t they still filming just days ago? Anyway, my excitement levels have definitely gone up since watching Miranda knock over what looked like an adult Chucky in the subway.
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  7. If they hadn't shown a 20-year old Brady earlier in that footage I'd have just assumed that was him dressed up.
  8. Yes, they finished shooting last week. I guess the trailer only shows what happens in the first episodes.
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  9. I just finished the first episode… uh. It’s something.

    Michael Patrick King lied with his “no one dies… end of the first episode…
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  10. Just finished both episodes and... damn.
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  11. Damn good or bad? I was a massive SATC fan, but not sure how to watch this in the UK. Do we think it'll come out on a physical release?
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  12. It's very much a 'Sex and the City story' as opposed to another season of 'Sex and the City', from the way it's shot to the overall tone/themes. But I'm sold. Tears were shed. And the writing felt more in-line with the OG show than the SHENANIGANS of the second movie - so for that alone it's a bit of a course correction.
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  13. I actually thought both episodes were excellent.
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  14. Aw, I've only read good things so far and really want to see it! How are people watching it in the UK?
  15. Let's put it this way - had this been the opening episode of a brand new show as opposed to a spin-off, I'd have hit the stop button right in the middle of the lecture scene (sparing myself the equally torturous podcast scene right afterwards)

    I'm all for the show addressing its cultural blindspots, but it's gone about doing so in such a clumsy and inorganic way that simply doesn't ring true. Mostly by treating Carrie and Miranda, two fiftysomething women who have lived their entire adult lives in culturally diverse, socially progressive New York City, as if they've been cryogenically frozen for decades or recently landed from Mars.

    I'll keep the rest in spoilers:
    • The death of Big was actually handled pretty well, and Carrie being widowed at least provides a new path for the character (and makes a lot more sense than the previously rumoured divorce storyline). Unless they're just going to put her back with Aidan...
    • I was half expecting SJP or Cynthia to break the fourth wall during the Samantha discussion and say "well there you go Kim, ball's in your court!" It feels a little uncomfortable given that Kim has been pretty unequivocal about the issue
    • They obviously have no idea what to do with happily married, fabulously rich Charlotte. Not that that's anything new
    • Stanford and Anthony have never made any sense as a couple, so no change there either
    • Shouldn't Brady be 19 or 20 rather than 17?
    • Given we know Bridget Moynahan is involved, I was surprised she wasn't in the funeral episode. Surely they won't do some bullshit storyline where Big never changed his will and left everything to Natasha?
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  16. ADM


    I just watched the two episodes and you hit the nail on the head!

    I found episode one so corny! Stanford and Miranda are insufferable.The whole constantly tripping up when it comes to race is just, I don't know, overdone. Charlottes family are so so cheese, Lily with the 'yes mom, no mom' act...


    The ending ruined me, I don't know why. The song too, the final song from the orignial series where they walked out of the cafe. Episode 2 felt much better! I'm looking forward to the rest, I sense a couple of hints. Like, whats the chemistry between Miranda and Che?
  17. It’s on Sky in the UK but I don’t know where else.
  18. It's on NOW too.
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  19. I thought it was pretty good, much better than I expected. I think it was always going to be a bit clunky, particularly the first episode and to be fair to them it seems like they are trying to move it forward through story and not just tokenism, but I'm pretty confident on the strength of episode two it'll settle down into a good rhythm. I was surprised how into it I was, and I'm really interested to hear what people in their 50's think, I certainly recognised some of the experiences of my friends in their 50's.
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  20. It's weird, when a series has attempted to move into a movie franchise, it not really worked and then they return to TV. Take The X-Files, which never really felt like it worked, with the actors struggling to find their characters.

    I'm intrigued enough to give this a go though. Can't be any worse than the 2nd movie.
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