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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. It couldn't have got off to a bumpier start but I'm really enjoying it now. There's nothing particularly essential about but it's an easy, comforting watch.

    The bit with Carrie pointing at Natasha got a laugh out loud for me. And that was nice knowing the show could still be funny without trying too hard. Natasha's power.
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  2. This might be showing my ignorance on the matter of marriage but...

    Can't a widow/widower override a will? I mean, if their assets are merged under law then doesn't Carrie have a veto in authorising that bequest?
  3. I know she was a really small character but I wonder if Magda will ever get a mention.
  4. Typo of the year?
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  5. I DETEST Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte confides in her how she thinks Miranda might have a drinking problem and immediately brushes it off, because she's more concerned about how materialistic things mattter more. "Aren't we basically all alcoholics?" is her answer to a worried Charlotte.

    Which makes Carrie Bradshaw one of the most loathed lead characters in television period.

    It doesn't matter how good she looks in clothes, she still comes of as an ignorant shrew. I spoke my truth and NO ONE can tell me otherwise
  6. Miranda getting like three storylines and each of them being a mess. That's what we call effort.
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  7. OK, but like... she's grieving. Of course she's not the one to really notice things at that moment. Her saying "stop noticing things" felt like a light joke to me that people take way too seriously (as they often times have with Carrie-quotes that seemed to be intended more like light joke).
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  8. Episode 3 felt the most 'Sex and the City' to me and my favourite episode so far of this reboot. I could have used a shorter comedy section with Che but that was really the only gripe I had.
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  9. I have always appreciated how flawed Carrie is. I get bored of shows that feature a “perfect person” as a lead character, I prefer complex humans with multiple emotions and room for growth.

    Carrie can be materialistic and narcissistic but she has a glow and an effervescent quality to her, she’s completely flawed but in the right mood she’s a joy to be around.
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  10. No. They can object to it and take it to court, but they can't just go "no, I'm not happy with that person's will, change it". It might be different in the US?
  11. I thought that bit was hilarious too. It reminded me of some of the funny situations from the original show.
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  12. I really liked this episode. It went by like nothing and just as I wanted more, it ended. Fuck I hate myself.

    And I wish we had Samantha. Yes yes I know she has moved on and etc.
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  13. And Carrie being told that Miranda could be an alcoholic and just ignoring it was classic textbook Carrie. At least we know that didn’t change.
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  14. I’m not gonna lie, I’m kind of disappointed that Naginsky is Natasha’s actual name and not something Carrie made up in a burning flash of petty rage (that scene will live rent-free in my mind forever, by the way), as that is definitely something I would have done in that situation.

    (And just like that … the Carrie jumped out. Maybe I should change my avatar to my true SATC spirit animal, oops.)
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  15. Apologies for the double post, but, with regards to Carrie’s flippant reaction to Charlotte’s suspicions: don’t forget that this is the same woman who once said “I love alcoholics, I hope to be one someday” … to an actual alcoholic. Dddd.
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  16. Seeing Naginsky again reminded me of one of a lowkey amazing Samantha scene.

    Carrie has dragged Samantha along to a charity luncheon in the hopes of running into Natasha but becomes dejected when Natasha “couldn’t be their”. In a bid to make Carrie feel better, Samantha drills Natasha’s contemporaries for unflattering gossip about Natasha and manages to get a random girl to inform Carrie: “oh, and one time she came back from spring break and she’d gained, like, ten pounds”.

    The cats-got-the-cream look on Samantha’s face when she says, “did you hear that, Carrie? Ten pounds” is priceless.
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  17. Episode 3 was properly good. Carrie felt way more like a 50something version of herself than the past 2 episodes. Still whiny and insecure, but in a more mature way than before.

    That said, Che's standup set?


    Miranda being possibly bisexual feels right, and definitely how it should have been in the original series but I seriously doubt they would have done it respectfully back then.
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  18. Che shotgunning Miranda ... that was hot.

    I did cringe when Charlotte talked about Natasha's inheritance as coming down to "only 450.000 dollars", with a clear emphasis on the "only", which ... okay, girl. Natasha looked absolutely stunning, by the way. Also, I am actually glad to see she's seemingly doing well - and working in what seems to be an oppressive wood-free professional environment, no less. (I'm clearly too invested in all of these characters.) Although I couldn't help but wonder: is one of her front teeth still a different color from the other?
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  19. There's not much dramatic material that can be generated from perfect humans - look at Star Trek: The Next Generation - a ship over over-achievers and exceptional people flying round the galaxy, teaching other people the error of their ways and then moving on. Every Star Trek show since has been deliberately tooled to get away from that. People choose to forget that without Carrie being a self-absorbed awful friend there's not much of a show to hang the narrative around.

    I think anyone claiming that it's not realistic that a 50 year old woman can suddenly decide to come out is being willfully ignorant of real life. I grew up as a gay kid and just presumed everyone else did, I got a quick lesson in my late teens when I started working in LGBTQ bars that there's a lot of people out there who didn't have the same experience as me. Being dismissive of peoples sexuality exploration/awakening (especially if they're going through a major crisis in their life) isn't very nice and tolerant of other people's lives and I wish I could go back and be less judgemental to a few people from my distant past.
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  20. Oh my god my friend is an extra in episode 3.
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