Sex and the City

Tried looking for one of these, but couldn't find one so decided to start one! I'm settling down in bed for a double bill on Paramount, and thinking about how many years I've been watching this show. It really is fabulous, I adore it, and don't know another gayer/woman who doesn't. What were peoples views on the film? I've seen it four times, which doesn't sound too excessive but that's TEN HOURS of my life gone to that film.

Favourite character? Episode? Storyline?
God this really is such a classic, consistently brilliant series. One of my favourite parts is undoubtedly Samantha at the STD clinic, pure comedy gold. I don't know why, but I've always quite disliked Carrie's character. She was undoubtedly very sharp, but for some reason she just annoyed the shit out of me, very moany and whiny, especially circa Aidan.


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When it first started I was more an Ally McBeal-guy. I'm just a sucker for emotional/romantic stuff, and always thought of Sex & The City as a show about a bunch of trendy horny women, something I can't associate with at all.
But after watching a few episodes with a friend (only this year) I actually found it quite entertaining, bought the complete collection, and did really enjoy it.
Have to say though there were no proper laugh or cry-out loud-moments for me in it (and that's what usually makes me properly lóve a tv-show). But it made for a fun watch.
On tv I always found Miranda the ugly annoying bitter bitchy one of the four, but after watching the full show I think I might like her the most. Doesn't necessarily mean she's the most entertaining one to watch, but she always felt very 'real'. Cynthia is a great actress.

I agree with the majority that Samantha is the most entertaining one, but I always have mixed feelings about her. In real life I would really think "wow, you're so superficial.".
It makes for good entertainment but she isn't remotely likeable.
I want my own mr Big. The person is totally my type, only cuter, cause the S&TC-one is kinda ugly when he laughs.

O, and the first (2?) serie(s) were quite cringeworthy with the interview-bits and the characters talking to the camera.. please..

Favourite guy: Berger, until they made him an asshole, but he was very cute.
Aidan didn't do anything for me, especially with the long hair.
My favourite episode is the one where Samantha gets a chemical peel and her face goes all red. She goes to some event later in the episode, face still hideous and blotchy, and introduces herself to people like "Hello, I had a chemical peel, I'm Samantha Jones". I can't remember anything else about the episode, but that was amazing. I loved how she was completely bold as brass at all times.
I think most people's favourite character is Samantha and I think the main problem with the movie for me was that she wasn't as much of a focal point and that she was still in that relationship with Smith, the joy of Samantha comes from all of her random sexual encounters. I have never really liked Carrie as a character, she gets on my nerves quite a lot and I hardly ever agree with the things she says and does (I still think she should have ended up with Aiden not Big) in particular I hated the Russian guy (I tried to spell his name and it wasn't happening so I gave up) and could never really see why she would be with him.

I did the Sex and the City tour when I was in New York last year, really enjoyed it actually although they did take you to some random locations such as the shop where the girls went to look at vibrators and other more obvious places like where Carrie and Big almost got married in the movie.

Anyway it's a really good show and I hope the 2nd movie is more of a representive of the show and they don't make another romantic comedy however I think i'll be in for a disappointment.
Samantha always has the best lines.

Shit motherfucker fuck shit.
I'm dating a guy with the funkiest tasting spunk.
I'm looking for something that will make a guy cum in his pants when he sees me
Just breathe your nose......when your sucking his balls!

All classics!

Loved the movie!! Looking forward to the second.
Seasons 4-6 were probably my faves although Carrie began to annoy me because it was always about her. She could be having a conversation with someone about her problems and the conversation would move onto something else and then Carrie would bring the focus back to her.
The problem is it's a Darren Star show. The original 90210 had a moral at the end of every episode and people learning their lesson. SATC has Carrie doing her monologue about the lessons she and her friends have learnt. Miss Match (the one with Alicia Silverstone in that got cancelled after 1 season) is much less moral heavy but still has some. I love the characterisation on his shows but Sam Goldwyn could have taught him something about sending a message.
I wish the movie had a little more focus on the secondary characters who were so present in the TV series. I wanted to know more about Miranda, Steve and Steve's mother who became unwell in season 6. What about Stanford? Less Jennifer Hudson, more Stanford!

Loved the TV series. Samantha is my favourite in terms of entertainment, she has the best one-liners but as far as characters go I think Miranda or Charlotte are my favourites especially towards the end of the TV series - season 5 and season 6.

"Dirty martini? Dirty bastard! *splash*"
Probably my favourite TV show of ll time. Thank God for Paramount as I'v espent many a dark winters night curled up in front of the double bills. Its funny I' get sic of Friends repeats but every episode of SATC still feels fresh and new to me. i was a bigger Friends fan admittedly. Initially I hated this show. But I only got into it about 8 years ago. I think the first episode I watched was the one featuring Alanis Morissette and Carries bisexual lover.
Very hard to pick a favourite episode but I find this show definitely got better as it went on and the last two seasons were perhaps its strongest.

Fave episodes and moments would be
-Carrie drowning her sorrows after Bergers post it and getting busted for smoking a doobie. Love that episode
-Samantha breaking down at Mirandas mums funeral. Actually most of my fave moments come from her. One of the greatest television characters of all time. Love her mini feud with the trannies.
-That episode with Nina Katz , Aidans girlfriend and the 'face '.
-Carries catwalk disaster
-Big leaves New York. Love how he leaves his copy of Moon River for her

The list is endless but it was such a feel goodd show. The finale ranks as one of TV's greatest which is why I was dubious about the movie. Carries closing monologue as she chats to 'John ' to Candi Statons 'You Got The Love had me in tears.
I loved the movie but dont know where they can go with the sequel. I can see them killing off one of the four. I hope not.
And let Stanford get married if they wanna have another wedding
Post-It Always Sticks Twice is the greatest episode. Carrie's speech is so dead on!

Most other of my favorite moment almost always involve Samantha. She either says the funniest things or gets in the most humiliating situations because of sexual escapades.
wayne power said:
-Samantha breaking down at Mirandas mums funeral.

That's my favourite episode, Season 4 'My Motherboard My Self', where Miranda's mom dies & Carrie's computer breaks. Its the perfect mix of SATC laughs & tears.

I also love the Hamptons, LA & Atlantic (Titty) City episodes.

Anyone own the shoebox with all the series??


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Shoebox no, I own this one


Wasn't even a fan when I bought it, but it was only 50 pound, and I was through all my series so buying a full new show was nice.