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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ADolla, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. I thought And Just Like That... was an episode title until the boxset literally fell on my feet whilst out the other day.

    That time when they all called Samantha fat when she clearly wasn't was my kiss goodbye to the show.
  2. What is happening?! Wonder if it’s some kinda of “what if” sequence.
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  3. She's gonna marry Che.
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  4. First movie flashbacks with Che Diaz riffing in the role of Big. This time Carrie hits them with a peloton instead of flowers.
  5. So I finally got round to watching And Just Like That...

    I was a massive fan of the original series, but was put off watching it because of the bad reviews I'd seen online (and because I didn't want to pay for another streaming service!) But picked up the DVD the other day and flew through the 10 episodes in a couple of days. And I was pleasantly surprised!

    The way they handled Big's death felt empathetic and realistic ...

    ...and I loved the introduction of Seema and Nya (especially Seema!) I could have done with less Che, who felt like a bit of a charicature, but overall I really enjoyed it. The spark was still there between Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda and...
    I liked the inclusion of Samantha through messages, even if it felt a bit strange that they'd be in touch in such a way, but not actually talk.
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  6. Yeah, this show has its faults but I rewatched a few episodes recently and the tone feels true to the Sex and the City character. Once you accept that Samantha’s not there to fill her particular role, it’s easier to accept this show as a worthy continuation of the series. Great expectations really skew the reception, sometimes, and I think that’s what happened here.
  7. I just wished they would stop bringing her up. Couldn't they just say she went to London for an excellent work opportunity and never mention her again. But they went all shady against Kim Cattrall with a storyline that made no sense to the Samantha character.
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  8. They need to stop mentioning Samantha in Season 2 at all

    The worst thing is, I feel they won't
  9. Well it’s Official
  10. Carrie, no!
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  11. I hope it's just a dream sequence. As I can't imagine them throwing out a storyline like that.
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  12. Bring back Berger!
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  13. Yes, this is exactly the sort of mess I want!!! More disaster incoming. Praise be.
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  14. And they've got her in a boho look too! Season 2 is going to be car crash tv again.
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  15. The way I savored and devoured every single second of every single episode of this and cannot WAIT for Season 2 unironically. There was NOTHING like it on TV before or since.
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  16. Yes, why do anything original when you can just re-tell the same story over and over.
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  17. Rob


    Considering the writing for the series, beyond its initial run, it's exactly what we should expect.
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  18. I hope she leaves him at the altar and then bumps into Berger.
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  19. Yes to ALL of this.
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