Sex and the City

Kim's "goodbye" to the apartment in the first movie was so much more heartfelt and well-acted. "A lot of shit went down in this place, attention must be paid." -- something friends and I still use to this day.

It was nice but, not the OMG moment anyone was really waiting for, was it?

I think they got it right actually. If she was too prominent, it would remind viewers of how much she's missed. Instead, she made a call, Carrie answered it casually and Samantha did her thing. All before we got into the episode.

It was longer than I thought it would be.
I assumed the relationship is open? Actually I assumed it’s not even a relationship?

Carrie’s dialogue implied that she’s going to be fucking around and living her best life with no expectations that it will actually happen in five years.
It's not even a relationship but she spent money to buy a million dollar house for him?

According to a quick Google search, the median price for homes in Gramercy Park is $1.5 million. And I'm sure Carrie's is at least a three bedroom, as she mentioned room for Aidan's kids etc, so the real world price is probably running to several million.
To be fair, it's only a few years since she made it explicitly clear that she'd never play the character again under any circumstances, and she still did this. I highly doubt she'll ever be back, but you never know.

Anyway, the episode had a couple of nice moments, but was pretty dull.
I think she did an interview (after she filmed the cameo) where she said this was it and she wouldn’t do anymore.

But you’re right, you never know. If they allow her to film again without the other cast members/ MPK and get the same money… it could be a possibility!
I've got a lot to say about that last episode but the big thing that jumped at me was that she ended it with the beautiful Franklyn in THIS SEASON. Feels like a lifetime ago.

Remember the teaser we got long before filming even started of gritty New York, I really thought we would get something interesting, but it's somehow gotten more and more glossy and airbrushed as the episodes went on..