Sex and the City

Will Che Diaz be there?
Yes, seasons 3 and 4 of Sex and the City are legendary television, but season 2 has some major iconique moments and cameos too. Single and fabulous question mark, the shotgun wedding of Miranda’s crush and interior designer/Carrie’s “poem”, the Donald Trump jump scare, the Hamptons episode, Justin Theroux and his shortcomings, Jon Bon Jovi and his sex addiction, “Voilà le French hat, voilà les French fries”, Steve and Miranda’s first of many doomed tries … An embarrassment of riches! I also have a soft spot for the season finale in all its cringe glory: Carrie’s meltdown at the restaurant, the girls singing the song from The Way We Were in public, Mister Too Big, Carrie showing up to Big’s engagement party like the truly deranged person she is and then comparing herself to a wild horse … Mmmyes I’m fed!
Yeah, Season 2 is definitely up there. I still think Season 4 is the best- Season 6 also has a great balance of comedy and drama, although, to me, it feels ever so slightly like it’s trying to appeal too much to the masses. Having said that, it does house my favourite episode, The Post-It Always Sticks Twice.
Bunny drunkenly slurring « You’re a MacDougal now! » whilst trying to light her cigarette the wrong way around, because Charlotte has just been outed as lusting after the sexy gardener? Iconique.

I've never really understood what that was about? Is it an unspoken family tradition that the women are known to have heavy flirts with one of the young working class men who've spent time working about the house?
I applaud them but Sara kinda did read themselves for accepting that role in the last line nn

This is sad that they fired Sara because of that post.
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