Sex and the City

I'd say the evil has been defeated, but this is pretty shitty actually. I applaud them for speaking out about it. (And I hope Sara finds a role more worthy of their time and talent)


I definitely won’t be watching season 3 now.
Yikes. I had a feeling Sara wouldn't be back when they had slammed the way the character was written in a previous magazine profile - I'm too lazy to find it, but after reading it I got the sense MPK and the network would've been turned off by that. Regardless, I really hope the above reasoning isn't true. I actually didn't mind Che in season 2 and I'd rather they stay than Nya tbh.

The silver lining is that maybe this means Dr. Callie Torres will be scrubbing into Grey Sloan Memorial.
Cynthia has apparently been very supportive of Palestine so not too sure that's 100% the case. The character was not well received by the audience so a write out was kinda inevitable??
As an original cast member Cynthia wields more power, though. In terms of the show's popularity the impact of losing her would be much greater - not to mention the possibility that SJP and Kristin might walk in solidarity with her and then there's basically no show.
Nah. Cynthia wanted Sara on the show and she would go to bat for them if that was the reason. My guess is they’re simply retooling the show to resemble SATC and Che got the axe as the least popular new addition.

And the faux outrage at their exit will be an eye roll. People bitched and moaned about this character for 3 years and now they’ll be high and mighty about the axe.
I absolutely loathed Che, so cannot say I'm disappointed. I'm not saying that Sara is fabricating the reason, but surely the character was not long for the show in any scenario?
Definitely not saying I don't believe Sara's reason because they obviously know better, but if it's untrue then it's also completely possible it's budgetary? We don't know if they're the only one who got axed. Maybe they're looking to trim a bit seeing as the 3 OG's probably get paid a lot + filming in this city can't be cheap. The streamers have seemingly been cancelling shows left and right after the strike. Just a thought.

I wouldn't mind if the show came back slightly re-focused/retooled with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, LTW and Seema as the remaining cast members.
I hated Miranda and Che on the show, but I have so much respect for Sara & Cynthia and all the work they’re doing out AJLT when so many are staying silent or just going full on genocidal.

And whilst it wouldn’t surprise me if Sara was axed due to them speaking out on Pali (esp after Melissa) I do however think they were probably let go due to their unpopularity/ their plot running its course. Honestly I was surprised they were even asked back for the entirety of S2.

The irony being, that now I have a lot of respect for Sara, and I would have actually watched the s3 to support them.
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Even if the Palestine support was the reason, getting rid of a divisive character widely disliked like Ché compared to getting rid of THEE Miranda would not be the same mission. Firing Cynthia would be show suicide.