Sex and the City

I actually think LTW is one of the better characters at this point - lowkey maybe even better than Charlotte. She had some really good moments last season.

But yeah, Nya needs to go. I know the actress was busy filming The Morning Show during season 2, but even in the first season that character was a bore.

Seema is the best.
I actually enjoyed LTW and her husband/family the least in S2. Nya was underdeveloped but her presence didn’t irritate me and her storylines somewhat integrated into the existing show. LTW, on the other hand, felt like she was in a parallel, not very interesting 00s romcom about a fabulous woman trying and failing to have it all - everything about her character was so contrived and two dimensional. And I still cringe at the memory of her “s-heroes” speech!

I want and welcome black female characters in the show but they need to be much better written than LTW and Nya.
I'm glad they listened to the fans and realized that Che is just not going to happen. I think the writers really wanted to try and separate AJLT from SATC by saying it's a complete show, but that is an impossible feat.
The diversity has been great, but it should be something that is natural and not so forced upon the audience. We obviously knew Stanford and Anthony were gay, but it wasn't done in an annoying and obnoxious way as Che was portrayed.
I’m not sure why we are discussing this like it is prestige TV that can (or should) get better.

It is ridiculous, nonsensical, mildly frustrating and a waste of money and I, for one, wouldn’t have it any other way.

I loved Season 2 (including Che, actually) and want more of the same, forever… with an obligatory Samantha 30 second cameo each season, thank you…
I still haven’t watched the season 2 finale, oop - apart from the Samantha cameo, that is, which was the only memorable thing about it I’m sure. Not even demon Ché being vanquished could entice me to watch season 3 of this mess at this point. But there’s always the original, brilliant run of the show …
Seema can stay, Lisa Todd-Wexler can be a friend of and Nya can go. I just think they don't know what to do with Nya as a character and she has very little connection with the main three. It's bad writing to introduce a character and not weave them into the group better, but that sounds about right for Michael Patrick King. If this was the original series, Nya and Che would have been like Maria, Trey, that awful Jazz musician - they would have lasted for anywhere from a few episodes to a couple arcs and then disappear.

Carrie's voice over needs to come back though, it helps bridge scenes and let storylines flow without being as connected as they have to be.
It really did seem like the podcast was the setup for the voice over and then.... its over in the first episode season 2.

It always made the most sense to just make a New York City that was more reflective of real life - have Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte interact with more than just white people ddd. But giving each woman her new diverse best friend was an eye roll from the start and insulting to the women they hired.

Karen shot Morning Show and this at the same time, which explains her being underwritten last season - she just didn't have the time to be there. But that means move on. LTW should pop up every few episodes to have a storyline with Charlotte. Seema should be in and out in Carrie's storylines - similar to Stanford in the original series. But we need to spend time with the 3 women we're here for. Nicole Ari Parker is super talented - I'd love to watch a show where she's a fabulous wealthy NYC socialite raising her kids and fighting with her mother in law. But I don't need that show happening inside this one.

Why were LTW and Nya at Carrie's "last supper" at her apartment? These women had never stepped foot in it. She doesn't know these women outside the odd charity event or dinner with a mutual friend. The incorporation of these characters into Carrie's life is forced and nonsensical.
I think Drew encapsulated everything I feel about the new characters. I wouldn’t want to see any of them culled as none of their actresses are at fault here, but losing the focus on the original three in favour of four-ish newbies was a lot to ask. Now would be a good time to prioritise one or two of these new additions and make us care for them.