Sex and the City

Looks like they're a month or so late in picking up on this?

"Variety‘s sources dispute that Ramírez was fired for their politics or their Instagram presence. These sources say that the Che character had reached a natural conclusion, since their relationship with Miranda had ended."

These sources would say that though.

I think we will keep Lisa Todd-Wexler and hopefully Seema. The former because she is so tied up in Charlotte's life and the latter because she is the only one who feels like a fully developed character.
Oh i liked Nya in S2!
She was barely there though.
Do you think LTW will make a swift exit too? She seems quite tied into Charlotte's storyline.

I hope not - I really enjoyed Lisa and would like her to receive more screentime with the core cast (Seema is practically core cast now, so that “soft launch a new Samantha” tactic worked on me..)