Sex and the City

So they're basically admitting the diversification of the cast was a mess and ultimately pointless nn.

Honestly I woulda booted Nya and LTW, but kept Che and Seema. Che's the most memorable part of this entire shitshow, and Seema is the most natural addition.
Defo seems like they’re shuffling the cast around and in a good way. It feels like by the end of season 2 they finally found their feet and realised the type of show they want this to be, here’s hoping season 3 is sharper and more focused.
I remember being really off-put by Seema's "ew poor people" attitude in one of the later episodes. I, of course, am not going to rewatch it to find out if I imagined this.
Help, I just watched the Season 3 finale. I thought the bisexuality episode would be hard to top but I forgot how dreadfully problematic the dialogue was in this. The rooftop party where Carrie "imitates" the girls is some of the most mortifying seconds I've ever had to watch.
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They need to bring back Berger… and have him dating Nina Katzzzz. A power couple out to destroy Carrie.

So in my head, Berger lures back Carrie into a relationship and gets her to invest in a project that only he can profit from. Then he dumps her over a letter of where he has power of attorney over all of her money (I don’t how all that work out legally but it tracks in my head).
And then we get the big reveal that the true mastermind was Miss Nina & she’s been dating Berger all this time.

Carrie goes back to being poor again and has to move into a crappy apartment with a 20 something. They hate each other at first but learn to make it work and teach each other about life in the process.

We also get a Seema/ Nene esque moment when she comes to visit her in the apartment.

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