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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. How does this not have a thread? The best show on Netflix.
  2. Not just Netflix. The best show on TV, period.
  3. It’s so good. Didn’t like the ending of Series Two but never mind.
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  4. Bloody brilliant series- agree with Robsolete, the best show around at the moment.
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  5. Just started Season 2 last night - I love the use of colour throughout. Though where they live is clearly permanently basking in beautiful summer weather.

    His wanking addiction takes me back a few years. OK, weeks.
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  6. What I find interesting is how some of it is very modern but the music and cars are quite retro.
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  7. I love it and am finishing Season 2. So exciting.
  8. It really does feel like it’s in its own pocket universe.
  9. Both time and place are left deliberately obscure, no? It's clearly set in the UK but it's very Americanised (and do they mention they're in Wales ever?) The clothes and interiors are very retro but they use modern tech. It definitely gives it a unique vibe.

    I watched the first few episodes of season one when it was out, but it didn't hook me. Started watching season two and binged the whole thing in a weekend. Consider me a stan!

    Jean is iconic. And I love how unabashedly queer it all is.
  10. Does Adam come back?
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  11. I Stan Maeve the most. What a character.
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  12. Yes.
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  13. Oh i love this show, it makes me laugh and cry. Even the small characters get something to really work with. Maeve is an icon!
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  14. My exact thoughts when I blasted my through both seasons last week.

    An OUTSTANDING show.

    Ncuti Gatwa as Eric gives one of the most warm, funny, lovely performances that I have ever seen. A gorgeous character played by a gorgeous actor.
  15. The school hall location is actually a little theatre in Penarth South Wales, right opposite my parents house where I grew up and where I learnt how to dance as a child every Saturday.

    My dad passed away just under 2 years ago and we only sold the house last year after 35 years of it being our family home so watching the programme holds that little bit of nostalgia for me.

    The show is in a class of its own, from the acting, scripts, direction, locations and wardrobe. It is a feast for the eyes, soul and mind.

    I adore how they have started to utilise the supporting characters more in the second season and of course Gillian is a utter goddess in anything she does.

    I also think the show at its core is about love and acceptance but without slapping you in the face as per Glee.
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  16. I wasn’t crazy about the seemingly “too neat” ending for this season

    Basically just the Adam and Eric storyline

    but I do genuinely really love this and thought the second season really built upon the first in almost every area. The supporting cast are fantastic and giving them all a chance to feel properly fleshed our and shine did the show wonders.

    Can’t wait for a third season.
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  17. Season 3 better have more Ruby!
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  18. As well as the razor sharp writing and retro art direction, the performances really are the standout thing about this show. It’s amazing to have a group of young actors with every single one of them hitting the right mark.
  19. I said fucking DIET
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