Sex Education

This must have smashed in the first week for them to renew so quickly. Netflix has a history of just completely murdering shows so it's pretty impressive that it got a fourth.
I'm wondering whether season 4 will be the last since they're in their final year and I can't see them going beyond school. I have a feeling Eric will decide he wants Adam back before the next season.
I'm sorry but this Gillian accent slander is not it. Just because you've once seen her in an American TV show and know from Wikipedia that she was born in the US, you feel irritated by her British accent. I mean, calm down and look up what it's like to be bidialectal. She literally pronounces everything the way she does when she's on any British TV show. This is her voice and accent, she is not "putting it on", get over it.
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I agree. This was a fantastic season and the show is genuinely one of my all time favourites. I could finish watching and watch it all from the beginning again straight away.

I loved it too!

I get it’s not for everyone but I don’t understand why people would watch an entire season of a show they don’t like rather than just stop watching it.
I also enjoyed the new season. I never really liked Otis in the first place, so being a total jerk to Ruby was not a big surprise to me. My favourite remains Aimee, I love her personality and interactions with Maeve, and I'm so happy she started therapy. It's great to see it on TV. I didn't really care for Ola and Lily though, and I honestly want much more Gillian than we received.

Let me just say that I'm so happy that today's teenagers have this show, as it IS sex education for many of them. I love that this season they managed to touch on the topics of sex with disability, being in a queer relationship, and how coming out is a big deal even if you know your parents will support you, etc. with such nuance and a big heart.
Ruby is also an awful person and I don’t feel that sorry for her just because this is the first time she doesn’t get her own way.
The same with the other Untouchables. Each time they get a backstory and a bit of a redemption arc, they reset to being arseholes by the end of the episode.
Finally watched Season 3 and loved it.
I guess I forgot that it's overall a pretty light show, because I was so relieved that
Jean didn't die, Eric didn't get beaten up or murdered, and that Lily didn't kill herself

I think they have done a pretty good job with arcs for the minor characters (the Groffs spring to mind in particular.)

Lily and Aimee are my favourite characters by far. And how did they manage to make Adam almost... likeable?
I started this a little over a week ago and am about halfway through the third season. I'm still enjoying it but do think some of the entanglements are a bit too farfetched (Ruby/Otis namely) but am loving the Cal and Isaac storylines.

I did not expect to remotely like the character of Adam but I do think they've done a pretty good job with a slow burn. Still unsure about him with Eric, but I was charmed by him asking to bottom.
What storyline did Isaac have in season 3? (I only remember him being horrible to Maeve)

Thus far the only horrible thing he did to Maeve was deleting the Otis message thing, which he copped to. But currently they're "navigating" the intimacy thing in a way that I just find interesting/educational (to me at least).