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Sex Education

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Jan 28, 2020.

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    Ah yeah right. The way he went about that at the end of season 2 wasn't a good look (plus I got tired of yet another thing getting between Otis & Maeve)
  2. Hmm.
  3. Hmm that feels.. weird.
  4. Saw this earlier too and actually didn’t mind!
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  5. They could really just get another actor to do the role and I don't think many would be bothered.
  6. She’s not a hugely integral part but I love Lily as a character so I hope she doesn’t get sidelined as a result.
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  7. I’m fine with that. I’ve never fully warmed to her character.

    However, I did initially read that as Sex Ed wasn’t returning for Season 4 which definitely triggered a wtf moment for me lol.
  8. Series 3 was so bad.
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  9. S4 is the last right? It suffered a bit of a quality slip last time and some of those 'sixth formers' are starting to rival the T-Birds and Pink Ladies for oldest ever high schoolers.
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  10. Well…
  11. Simone Ashley isn’t returning apparently either but to be fair her character wasn’t that big and she’s probably busy with Bridgteron.
  12. Think I'll just be reading spoilers for S4 and watching it only if it goes somewhere. S3 was a massive letdown.
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  13. Don't think so?
  14. It sort of makes sense to end it next season? I seriously thought this season was the last. I don’t see how further these characters can go stuck in a high school setting.
  15. They're moving to a new school next season, with most of the old cast returning but I guess it'll be their swan song and season 5 will be new cast only.
  16. [​IMG]

    When did this all happen?! As in the direction of the show.
  17. Makes sense as the school was shut down last season.
  18. It's in one of the articles posted above

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  19. Not mad at that first cast departure. I never warmed to the character who just felt like a caricature of what a boomer thinks Gen Z are like
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  20. I think season 4 is supposed to be the last one because they’re in their final year of sixth form.
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