Sex Education

Season 3 better have more Ruby!
Agreed. It’s a testament to the writing that they were able to develop literally every character from season 1 in the space of 8 episodes, all the while introducing new ones, eg Viv. Ruby was definitely one of my highlights, even down to being nice to Eric to get Rahim’s attention!
I was disappointed at first at Eric choosing Adam but then happy. Rahim’s probably right though- unless Adam really comes through in the end, I can’t see him ‘catching’ Eric. I’m prepared to see Eric go through a tough storyline to test this next year.
I stanned hard in the Netflix thread but put simply it's an absolute triumph.

My favourite thing about this season was them fully fleshing out the supporting cast – to have a large bunch of diverse, brilliant characters that are all worth rooting for feels completely unique and special. It's one of the best projects Netflix has ever commissioned.
Is it a pure Netflix series or a fake one like Derry Girls?
Well done if yes.

I mean WHAT teen-centric TV show has anal douche sub ploys?