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Sex Education

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. I can see that, though there’s an element of personal growth to it too as we see Adam become open up more.
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    I'd like to be proven wrong, but thusfar seeing where Adam's coming from doesn't make his behaviour okay and in a way the 'aww, poor Adam, he doesn't know better' might be even more toxic than making him a straight up asshole. He better treats Eric right, and otherwise I hope Eric at least will be quick enough to decide he's not taking it.
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  3. Oh, I agree with all of that.
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  4. I think season 3 will see massive problems for two certain gay characters and their relationship (sorry, I’m tired and can’t be bothered using spoiler tags!), but the most ‘unreliable’ one will come through at the end (given his massive character development in season 2).
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  5. This just happened ddd

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  6. I just finished the first season and loved it. Reading online comments, I don't know why anyone wants Otis and Maeve to date because their chemistry screams friends to me. Also thought Ola was too quick to forgive Otis. I don't think I would have if someone told me they were interested in me because I was a realistic choice over someone else.
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  7. Eric doing that big speech to Adam about valuing himself too much now to get with him and then getting with him like two episodes later.


    Relatable tbh. I guess the diq too bomb!
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  8. What?! I’m dead!
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  9. We stan #bearscubsandscruff
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  10. This show is such a gem and I hate myself for binging on the first 5 episodes of the new season already. I need to stop.
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  11. Ok one episode left.

    Everything about this season has been perfect, hasn't it? Aimee's storyline especially left me in shambles at certain times, her avoiding to take the bus out of sheer fear and terror reminded me of certain times I'd avoid places just to avoid certain individuals in my teen years... starting to cover up more and more with those turtlenecks so that she wouldn't get noticed maybe... I loved how her boyfriend was supportive of her! You don't see that often these days. The actress did a formidable job expressing all that too and she looks so much like Cassie from Skins, by the way.

    I'm rooting for Adam and Eric IF Adam gets his shit together and doesn't let Eric down with a broken heart. Eric and Rahim were ok, but Eric's mom put it out so well; he often wasn't himself around Rahim whereas with Adam he had all that glow around him if it makes sense. I also find Adam mad hot dd.

    The Jackson/Viv storyline was great and I'd like to see them bond maybe even further, I feel like something might be there between them. Who knows.

    The Ruby/Otis bonding was surprising to see and I like how there's more behind a pretty face in Ruby's case, I'd love to see that get explored next season.

    I'm soooo looking forward to the season finale and the next season altogether.

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  12. I ship Jackson and Viv so much but I worry he's gonna let her down. Shocked with how much I enjoyed his storyline this season.
  13. It's just so good.

    Still can't believe I talked to 'Rahim' outside of Le Depot (Paris' most infamous sex club) about anal douching.
  14. Most infamous sex club is an understatement.
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  15. I watched both seasons in less than two weeks and I WANT MORE. Such a warm, funny and important series. I adore the locations too!

    Maybe I'm alone in this, but the only character that to me didn't work that much this season was Ola, as she shifted mood/behaviour from episode to episode. I got (very slight of course) 13 Reasons Why's Ani teas.
  16. Not alone. Even when it was clear she was in for heartbreak, I just couldn't connect with her to feel THAT bad for her. Her Dad, on the other hand, was great!

    I also just realised I've stayed at the hotel three doors down from Le Depot at least five times and.... never noticed it? I'm not doing Le Marais right am I??
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  17. RJF


    Ola was... kind of an asshole? Giving Otis friendship-wrecking ultimatums one minute before immediately deciding she was in love with her friend, dumping him, and then throwing herself at her friend, who she didn't even know was interested in her. The show never seemed to hold her accountable to it either. She just breezed about doing whatever she wanted with absolutely no consequences. I would have called Ola selfish before Maeve if I had been drunk Otis at the party.
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  18. Which hotel is this?
  19. Mvnl

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    Yeah I kinda hate these kind of ultimatums anyway, and then her dumping him right after he did it was shitty.. from a viewer's point I was also kinda pissed off cause it gave Otis such an easy out not having to deal with the fact he really wasn't that much into Ola. But Ola seems like the 'oh what else can we give her to do now?'-character rather than one with consistent character delevopment.
  20. Georgette...just across the street. Super cute.
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